Posted by: cranky | March 4, 2008

Big Ear Tuesday™ — Jihad Edition

Time for another edition of Big Ear Tuesday™.  Yesterday a Jihadtard wet his pants over his perception that Rosetta and I had insulted this dead cockbiter Imad Mughniyeh, who is apparently a hero to cowardly terrorists everywhere including Rathair, whose home is in India.

 When asked to comment, Imad Mughniyeh had this to say:

Look, Rathair and his buddies are blowing this up all out of proportion.  And, BTW, those virgins?  Picture Helen Thomas, there’s your virgin.  Now, if you like sucking the barbed cock of Satan, then this is your place.  Fuck if I wasn’t sold a bill of goods.


FLASHING LIGHT WITHOUT A LIGHT UPDATE: Rosetta threatens the ladies with a taser imbedded in [NSFW] this machine.  sybian-motion1.gif  Men everywhere dismayed; lament “how can we keep up?  Our only hope is a power outage.” 



  1. PORK CHOP!!11!

  2. Lolobama

  3. Lolobama

    If we tweak that a little I think we have a new term:

    LOBOTOBAMAnoun :

    – the procedure a disillusioned Democrat undergoes where reason, critical thinking and healthy skepticism are replaced with infantile emotional responses, chanting and a chemical addiction to hopeamphetamine.

    pajama momma, I will give share credit with you.

  4. Would they really need an operation to reach their natural state?

    Maybe it should be a disillusioned Republican that gets a Lobotobama.

  5. Good call, bmac. Unfortunately.

  6. pajama momma, I will give share credit with you.

    I wouldn’t recommend doing something that would tie me to you forever. I’m just sayin’

  7. That is not a concern in that, should I tire of you, I shall have you killed.

  8. Rosetta sounds like a problem solver.

  9. yeah, in and out and done, that’s his motto.

  10. … in and out and done…

    That sounds kind of dirty, or descriptive of some sort of, ahem, male problem.

  11. Really? hhhhmmmmmmm, I’d have never thought of that myself.

    *bats eyes coquetishly

  12. A friend of mine once described her then husband as “Rocket Man” for reasons I won’t go into although I’ll say that he wasn’t a genius on the order of Dr. von Braun. Rosetta and Rocket share the same first two letters. I’m sure Mrs. Rosetta has done the math.

  13. I’m sure Mrs. Rosetta has done the math.

    And gave up?

  14. He’s not even around to complain about being insulted. How lame is that?

  15. I know. hhhhhmmmmmmmm

    He’s a total jerk nut cowboy leg.

  16. *hides Taser in Sybian, mails to pajama momma*

    *has lifetime supply of gay porn sent to cranky*

  17. *looks Sybian up in dictionary

    Oh heck I’ll take it even with the Taser

  18. *cranky marks mail return to sender — refused, don’t roll the way you do*

    Wait a minute. Is this authentic lesbian porn? Yes? Well, alrighty then.

  19. *didn’t need to look up Sybian in dictionary. They still make those?

  20. Without looking it up, and not knowing, I am guessing a Sybian is some sort of ‘health’ accessory for the ladies?

  21. It’s only a massager!1!

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