Posted by: cranky | March 1, 2008

Cheney – Satan ’08

This is my dream ticket. 

I can’t get too excited about McCain, although he’ll get my vote since I just can’t see voting for a Marxist.

The post title is from a bumper sticker at an anti-Bush Cafepress site advertised (I won’t link those hemorrhoids) on Ace of Spades.


  1. Because Satan brings a lot to the ticket, and will moderate the scarier parts of Cheney’s image.

  2. Barry, you’re saying Satan will capture the center-left part of the GOP? Makes sense to me.

  3. Hey Crank here’s another possible Cheney Veep- yer gonna like this one

  4. Yeah, Shep would lock up the metrosexual liberal vote. Good choice.

    My blood pressure thanks you.

  5. Is there a flea collar for sock puppets? Geez.

  6. Hey! That’s the bumper sticker on my car: Cheyney Satan 2008 and I’ve gotten tons of positive comments plus one clueless type who didn’t understand it.

    Now I’m looking for McCain – Satan ’08 sticker and could use some help finding one…I smell a marketing opportunity here, folks.

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