Posted by: cranky | February 26, 2008

Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears

Big Ear Tuesday™ returns.  The O-man looks like he just took a right hook from Hillary and had the ear wax knocked out of him.




  1. I like how the teeth balance everything out.
    I think you have a hit with BET, cranky. Big Ear Tuesday, not the other BET, of course.

  2. BET. Hahahaha. Cranky is Tavis Smiley. Who knew?

  3. I had to google Tavis Smiley. No idea, but I guess he’s no fan of Barry Hussein Obermeister.

    I think I should post something about Waxman.

  4. Holy cow cranky, did you do this yourself?

  5. PJM, I wish. I started to work on something tonight combining Hussein (I understand we’re not allowed to use his middle name that is why I’m using his middle name, call me a rebel) and Waxman. I’ll have to work on it this weekend because it looks like it will take some time. I’m a real amateur with Photoshop.

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