Posted by: cranky | February 19, 2008

Big Ear Tuesday™

For the inaugural Big Ear Tuesday™ there can be only one image.


Credit, or blame, for this idea can be directed to Rosetta. I would note in passing that if Barack turned into the wind and got those size 15s to hitting the concrete he could probably get airborne — there’s plenty of lift generated by those appendages.



  1. I wonder if the left will go apeshit over Obama eavesdropping on American citizens when he’s in office like they accused Bush of doing.

  2. BUNK!

  3. Eavesdropping?!!!!

    Oh, no you didn’t!


  4. Waxman’s nostril was disgusting and now Obama is just eerie.

  5. You have to give him a feather to hold in his trunk. That’ll make him fly.

    I can handle these ears much more than a certain nostril.

  6. He hears everything.

  7. Can you hear me know?


    What about now?



    I hear you breathing.

  8. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.

  9. Am I the only one playing this game?

  10. Nope, I’ll play

  11. Did you just call Obama, “boy”?!?!


  12. Do you hear me? I was killing two birds with one stone.

  13. Can you tell you’re supposed to click on “here” It doesn’t look like it’s highlighted.

  14. Hard to see but I clicked based on your prompt. Kind of leggy singer. What I’m really wondering though is does she have a pair of bolt ons, is that some optical illusion of cleavage, or are they real?

  15. you know cranky? they sure look like boltons to me. They’re very……, unnatural shaped

  16. I defer to your superior knowledge — store bought they are. Time to look at the lunar eclipse.

  17. I thought it didn’t start till 10:01 eastern time? Holy cow am I wrong?
    I guess I’m going outside too.

  18. FYI, Obama’s statue at Madam Tussauds is the first one to be made with actual ear wax from the subject.

  19. Rosetta, you are a bad, bad man. GLAM!!1!!!

    So what did they make Henry Waxman’s statue with?

  20. My tax dollars?

  21. Boogers.

  22. I think Obama will make a very eerie President.

  23. Ok you guys are gross. Boogers? Ear wax?

    Phlegm. that’s always a good one.

  24. How about some greenish yellow mucus?

    Obama must need to consume a lot of calories in order to have the energy just to turn his head when he hears a sound. And you know he hears a lot of sounds.

    I wonder if those appendages transmit to the mother ship.

  25. I bet his ears turn on their own. He prolly doesn’t even need to move his head.

  26. cranky, #22 plagiarized me from my #4 comment. Please ban his ass.

  27. Rosetta, you are banned if I had that capability/knowledge. *on the downlow aside*Don’t tell PattyAnn that I just undid what I couldn’t do anyway.*end on the downlow aside*

  28. I knew rosetta was on the downlow, but you just broke my heart letting me know you were, too, cranky 🙂

  29. I thought he was low down? 😛

  30. you have to add dirty to it cranky.

    Low down and dirty

  31. Like this? Rosetta, is a dirty low down [insert your favorite insult here]….

  32. perfect

  33. Rosetta is a dirty low down awesome, cool guy and chicks dig him.

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