Posted by: cranky | February 17, 2008

Henry Waxman’s Nose

Nice Deb was wondering what was up with Henry Waxman’s (D – California) nose.

I don’t see what the big deal is.


Whoa!  Now I do.

His nose has the potential to be designated a National Forest.  Those nostrils could do double duty as the air intakes for an F-15 Strike Eagle.  But he won’t be the spokesman for Breathe Right Strips since those nostrils can’t be clogged unless they undertook an engineering project on the scale of Hoover Dam.

UPDATE:  The photo above was grossing out Pajamma Momma so I’ve fixed it.  Can’t figure out the MORE tag so the edited version is below.  He now looks like he might be congested.




  1. Cranky, here’s a good picture of him

  2. Wait! He’s got big ears too? Is he related to Obama?

  3. cranky,

    I have a million dollar idea that I’ll give you for free because I like you:

    Big Nostril Tuesday

    You’re welcome.

  4. I heard that his favorite flower is the nosegay but I don’t have confirmation of that.

  5. I guess I could just keep reposting this one as big nostril Tuesday. Less work and I’m lazy. We’ll probably have to add a Big Ears Wednesday for the Obamamessiah followers.

  6. Cranky, can’t you put that under the fold or something? That’s obscene.

    I can’t even got to NiceDeb’s anymore till it gets pushed down. I’d rather see one of Rosetta’s BBF girls than have to see that.

  7. I could just close it down to nothing at all if you prefer. Wait a minute.

  8. hahahaha, that thing is disgusting no matter what.

  9. Maybe he should consult with Michael Jackson on who should do the repair work.

  10. I don’t see what the problem is.

  11. *waves at Babs*

    Hey, Babs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Waxman reminds me of this guy from Star Wars:

  13. He reminds me of this guy from Star Wars:

  14. Cranky, yer killin’ me with the big nose posts.

  15. Barry, liquify is a neat tool. We can have big noses, big nostrils, big ears, big ankles, even big boobs. They might look a little unnatural but what the heck.

    I will never mess with Sara Evans though because you cannot improve on perfection.

  16. I will never mess with Sara Evans though because you cannot improve on perfection.

    I agree cranky, she’s dang cute.

  17. Barry’s got a thing for Sara. I like her too.

  18. Yes I have a thing for Sara. She is the Iris to my Travis Bickle.

    No- that’s too creepy. I keeeeed!

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