Posted by: cranky | February 13, 2008

Home Invaders Pay Price

Last month three criminals kicked in the door of one man’s home in Montgomery.  After shooting the resident in the arm, the resident fired back twice hitting one of the intruders.  The wounded intruder, Tavaris Trammer, who was hit in the neck and leg (read shot in the neck and his junk) later died at the hospital.

The dead criminal’s partners in crime now face capital murder charges since someone died in the commission of a felony.  They cannot be released on bail while awaiting trial.

Brothers Henry and Dallas Jarrett, 16 and 19 years old respectively, are in the Montgomery County Detention Facility.  Capital murder charges can bring the death penalty.

Check out the mug shots of these two charming upstanding citizens.  One of ’em has a Buckwheat thing going on.



  1. As Insp. Callahan might say, “Here’s a couple of salty lookin’ dudes”.

  2. U.G.L.Y….they ugly!

  3. Those are two mean looking dudes. Fucking fry em before they have the chance to procreate.

  4. The youngest one has a real arrogant look on his mug shot. He should enjoy losing his arrogance when they put him in the general prison population.

    Unless males start being able to impregnate other males who can then give birth I don’t think we’ll have to worry about their procreating. Of course, they probably have made some babies already that they aren’t caring for. Yay for lowered expectations.

  5. more guns in legal hands=less crime.

  6. eddie, you got that right. There’s something to be said for deterrence.

  7. But who will fill in for them at their jobs as research directors at the Los Alamos National Laboratory?

  8. Fifty Cent probably ain’t too busy for a little bit o’ nuklear bidness.

  9. But who will fill in for them at their jobs as research directors at the Los Alamos National Laboratory?

    Oh that made my stomach hurt I laughed so hard.

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