Posted by: cranky | February 13, 2008

Dead Cockbiter Imad Mughniyeh

Look! He’s fallen and can’t get up.

BEIRUT, Feb. 13 — Imad Mughniyeh, a senior but shadowy Hezbollah commander accused by the United States and Israel of masterminding suicide bombings, hijackings and hostage-takings that spanned 25 years, was killed by a car bomb in the Syrian capital of Damascus, the Shiite Muslim group and other officials said Wednesday.

Maybe his only falling was when he came back down from being blown up.

I will never forget October 1983 and the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut. This cock biter was reportedly behind it. I hope his death was extremely painful.



  1. I’m pretty sure he’s having lots of forced sex with his 72 virgins right about now.

    And I’m pretty sure the 72 virgins all look like this:

  2. Looks like a Viking minotaur. What’s good for the minotaur is good for Muggy.

  3. Damn sockpuppets.

  4. This started out as the best thread ever and now it’s a piece of shit.

  5. That’s how I roll.

  6. Hahahaha.

  7. The correct title of this post should have been Dead Imad Cockbiter Mughniyeh.

  8. Rosetta n Cranky
    you guys are the guys who r full of shit and so is the son of a whore who hosts this site. Mughniye was a great man – unlike your mother fuckers bush, olmert,and the other dead zionist pigs. We in India admire the Hizbollah for kicking our you greedy, land usurpingisraeli pigs. Mughniye is surely in heaven. you worry where you will be. Deep in hell with the fatherssss who begot you.
    Have fun!

  9. Hi Rat,

    Glad you could make it here for the celebration of the death of the pig-fucker Mughniye. Although you’re late to the party since you were fucking your mother we will excuse your piss poor manners since you too celebrate the death of that pig-fucker Mughniye. He was a real piece of pig shit, wasn’t he? Parts of Mughniye are surely working their way through the intestines of a pig.

  10. Deep in hell with the fatherssss who begot you.


    U Haz R Jihad?

  11. Oh yeah, rathair nads, feel free to shove some TNT up your ass and take the express martyr elevator to your 72 virgins.

    Yours is a cause certainly worth sacrificing yourself for. Just hurry up about it.

    Allaha Aktard!

  12. >>U Haz R Jihad?


    Stupid illiterate jihadists!
    Did islamic rage boy find a computer in the gay porn shop?

  13. Allaha Aktard!


  14. […] edition of Big Ear Tuesday™.  Yesterday a Jihadtard wet his pants over his perception that Rosetta and I had insulted this dead cockbiter Imad Mughniyeh, who is apparently a hero to cowardly […]

  15. radha nair, go back to buggering sheep and leave the blogging to us, you illiterate goat-fucking sand-mutt.

  16. this site is a disgrace. it should be shut down immediately. this is filth.

  17. And Trevor Berbick kicked your ass. Piss off, flea spec.

  18. Ah, freedom of speech really pisses you off, huh, Ali? And brave fucktwat that you are, you comment annonymously. You fucking coward, you are filth and should be eliminated from the face of the earth. I suppose William Wallace and his cry of Freedom! means nothing to you even though you are going through the University of Dundee’s computer system IP number to use your freedom of speech to demand that another’s freedom of speech be squelched.

    Why waste your time at university when it is obvious to all that your mind is incapable of holding two opposing views at the same time. You are intellectually incoherent and incontinent.

    Eat shit and die. All of your heroes are cowards you fucking retard.

  19. […] I must be doing something right. […]

  20. radha nair, go choke on a porkchop, you pigfucker!

  21. Hey Ali – get out of my country (if you don’t like freedom of expression), you knuckledragging turd. We’re sick to the back tits of you and your backward, nutjob co-cultists.

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