Posted by: cranky | February 8, 2008

Hollywood Supporting Dem Candidates

Laura Ingraham on O’Reilly Factor.  This is news?

The point was made that Obama’s supporters in Hollywood are thought of as cool and that supporting Obama is the thing to do if you are cool and like to party.  Since the majority of Hollywood people are airheads wouldn’t that make Democrat supporters easily led if they support Democrat politicians?  Yannow, sheeple?

The whole thing is funny because the Hollywood pukes continually invoke McCarthyism if they are criticized yet they can’t work in that town if they support anyone other than a Democrat and toe the party line.  What a bunch of cowards those Hollywood pussies are.

We’re fucked as a country if these people capture the White House.

Obama wants Clinton to release her tax records.  Okay.  As long as he does too and we see if he reported the difference between what he paid for that lot and what its fair market value was as income.  Or if he reported that as income and categorized it as a bribe received.



  1. I think Hussein Obama already released some sanitized version of a tax return. It’s my understanding that the Clintons never have, and probably never will.

    As far as Obamamania goes, I am afriad my leftwing brother has it bad. I repeatedly challenge him to tell me why he supports Obama- which of the candidate’s policy positions appeals to him, etc.- and I’m still waiting for a substantive answer. I’m serious- my brother cannot explain why he supports the guy.

    But you’re right, Cranky- when it comes to Obama, all the cool kids are for him, and that’s really all it takes for some people. Critical thinking is too hard! Let’s just party up Obama style!

  2. I’ve asked a few people what position of Obama’s they specifically support and why.

    The response: Silence. Might be just a touch of embarrassed silence but silence.

    They have no idea what he’s for and how he’d go about enacting policies they don’t know exist. And they are completely unperturbed with the thought that his plans and policies have been proven time and again to not work. They are just basking in the warm bath of stupid they anticipate with an Obama presidency.

  3. This is kind of offtopic, but kinda not because you brought up Laura Ingraham.

    I watched her last night. I was so disappointed. She wouldn’t let anybody get a word in and was such an attack dog.

    Course I don’t like O’Reilly either.

  4. supporting Obama is the thing to do if you are cool and like to party

    FYI, I’m cool and like to party but I’m not supporting Obama.

    *leaves flaming bag of dog crap on cranky’s doorstep*
    *rings doorbell*
    *runs away*

  5. *STOMP*

    Ah, shit!

  6. PJM, I didn’t notice that and I like Laura but I wasn’t glued to the TV either. She had a segment with O’Reilly and two people talking about cloning monkeys or monkey stem cells, not sure. O’Reilly let the doctor guy talk but kept cutting off the women who opposed the procedures on ethical grounds.

    I don’t like O’Reilly because he cuts people off but dammit, he’s looking out for you. Bullshit. He was a freaking entertainment reporter the same as that asshole Shepard Smith.

    I give Laura a pass because she’s on our side and she’s hot.

  7. I used to watch O’Reilly pretty religiously 6 or 7 years ago. I don’t know if he became more of a cock or if his schtick just got old but I can only take him in small doses now.

    Shep is just a tool.

  8. I give Laura a pass because she’s on our side and she’s hot

    Is there a possiblity she has her own show? She was interviewing a code pink person and then some sort of transgendered side show freak and it was just so Jerry Springer to me.

  9. Laura has an a.m. radio talk show. I listen to her all the time.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Obama’s positions ChenZhen has been doing a whole series about him on the WordPress Political Alliance.

    He’s a lefty, but actually a pretty nice one.

  10. She has a radio show that isn’t broadcast here as far as I know. She likes dogs; had a lab named Troy that passed away recently. Worked in Reagan’s White House.

    O’Reilly Factor producers like the freaks. Makes them feel edgy. Other than when Dennis Miller is on, the show is hard to take because Bill won’t let people finish. He’s always, “Listen, …”

    I’m like “I’ll just turn it off.”

  11. I love her radio show and I listen to it regularly. I guess it was just her O’Reilly thing. It was icky to me.

    I know, like I should talk considering I hang out at The Hostages, but the freaks just don’t do it for me. It cheapens the show.

  12. He’s a lefty, but actually a pretty nice one.

    Hey thanks Deb! Thanks for the plug BTW, and yes, I’ve been systematically rationalizing my support for Obama in a multi-part series. Which reminds me, I need to work on part VI today. lol

  13. I think we can agree that being polite to others is a good trait and politeness should be exercised in any venue. Personally, my biggest pet peeve is people talking over other people — as if that wins an argument.

  14. I believe the U.S. is doomed no matter who is president. None of them care about “We the People”. They are concerned with the money and power.

    This country is no longer “America” it is now Corporate America. We do not own this country, Wall Street owns us, the land and anything in it.

    I am not for the left wing or the right wing, I am for the Eagle, the whole bird.

    They keep us on one wing or the other and pointing fingers at the other wing for a problem that the Government is not responsible for anyway.

    They want us divided, as long as we are divided their games of playing back and forth (flip flopping) just makes us “vote them out”. But then that party screws up and we vote them out. We are just going back and forth.

    Every 4 to 12 years there is generaly a party line switch by the voters. And they tend to hover close to 50 % in U.S. population.

    What are the odds of keeping parties close to 50% for right at 100 years??????

    We are suckered by design, United we stand and divided we fall.

    They have us divided and we are going to fall, and fall hard.

    Both parties are practising forms of communism with their actions and policies.

    State health care is socialism, Premptive war is communist. there is still no declaration of war for Iraq. The president brought us to war(on false pretenses i might add) and congress has never declared war. Why is this?

    The dems then said “We Will Save You” and end the war, but nothing happened. the current President has broken many laws and the dems will not start Impeachment.

    They are protecting each other. Good Cop/Bad Cop and we as a whole are buying it.

    You do not matter, just be quite, take what they give you and be a good little slave. You have waited too long to wake up. Now just go back to sleep.

    the Current White House Admin are wanted around the world for war crimes. Do a google search on Donald Rumsfield War Crimes and see what you find.

    And the dems do nothing.

    they are both winning parties. They get fat and we get slaughtered.

    Have you ever seen a country without a middle class that was free????

    they are eliminating the middle class here, and when they take away the cash, they take our ability to fight back, and then you have communism.

    No big politician is on your side.

  15. Chicago, what war crimes? What broken laws? What false pretenses?

    You are obviously passionate in your beliefs but offer no evidence to support your claims.

  16. Cranky, hello? Surely you know executing Saddam Hussein was a war crime, right?

  17. We were well within our rights to try and execute Saddam.

    What? We didn’t, the Iraqis did?

    So I guess we’re off the hook on that one. Whew! I was worried there for a minute.

  18. I used to like Chicago until I found out he wasn’t a great city but rather a dope smoking conspiratorial whack job.

    they are eliminating the middle class here

    No idiot sir, “they” have largely eliminated the lowest class in this country as evidenced by the fact that we have the fattest, best dressed, multiple-color-TV-watching poor in the world.

    If anything, the least among us are middle class striving to attain the upper classes.

    Prima facie evidence that your contention is false is that tens of millions of people around the world give up everything to immigrate here and we can’t fucking get rid of Alec Baldwin.

    Take your whine bong someplace else.

  19. Rosetta is correct- our ‘poor people’ would be considered rich in many nations around the world.

    Oh and Chicago- you spelled practicing and preemptive incorrectly. So turn off the Playstation, hop on your skaateboard and go to school.

  20. skaateboard was a typo!

    I was in the pool!

  21. Barry, I think the water from the pool short-circuited your keyboard causing the typo.

  22. He’s lucky he wasn’t electrocutled.*

    *Oops! I was typing this hanging from a tree.

  23. They hanged NiceDeb! Bastards!

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