Posted by: cranky | February 6, 2008

Samantha’s Birthday Ten Years Ago

The original mud puppy when she was two years old. Today Sam turned 12 years old and I thank God that He has given me such a good friend. She has protected me by being my ears and eyes. She has comforted me when I have been down. She has looked after me when I was ill or hurt.

mudpup1.jpgAnd she has provided some quality entertainment with her shenanigans.  I won’t even mention the living room carpet she ripped up, the window sill she chewed up, the lamp cord she chewed in half (at least she pulled the plug out of the outlet first), shredding all the newspapers and magazines, pulling up part of the kitchen floor, chewing the kitchen wall, the flash for my camera she destroyed, the corner of the couch she gnawed on, or the holes she dug under the fence so she could visit the neighbors.  Won’t.  Mention.  It.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!



  1. Happy B-Day Sam!

  2. Happy Birthday Sam!!!!

  3. Yay! Happy Birthday Samantha! Can I chew on her ears and bite her snout?

  4. Samantha says no ear chewing or biting. She said she’s an elderly lady and above such things. In tribute she demands a Milk Bone and a scratch behind the ears. She also requested that the two younger ones be banished from her domain.

    Woof to all you great humans!

  5. Happy Birthday, Samantha. I’m glad you have Cranky.

  6. I’ll give her a Milk Bone, even two and scratch behind the ears and all over her back if she lets me chew on the younger one’s ears.

    I love dog ears. 🙂 Just ask my dog.

  7. Jessie, despite being the spawn of Satan, has the greatest coat and softest ears. Please chew on her ears.

  8. Ok penthouse forum boy. 😉

    Jessie’s ears are now mine! mwahahahaha

  9. Damn sockpuppet is stalking and impersonating me.

    Looks like I’ll need a new couch so that economic stimulus is looking better and better everyday no matter how stupid it is. The two young ones have decided if Samantha is the only one who gets to recline on the that they’ll just have to destroy it. Three cushion couch is now down to two cushions.

  10. she looks like she paused just long enough…”take the picture. okay, you done?” …. and back to play.

  11. Hey Dave, she really loves water and dirt. Now they make commercials with a dog running around with a hose and biting the water coming out of the sprinkler. Sam did it first, someone stole the idea and made commercials. We never saw a dime.


  12. Damn sockpuppets.


  13. LMAO Cranky. Are you having an infestation of sockpuppets?

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