Posted by: cranky | February 4, 2008

Amazing Golden Retriever Drives 4-Wheel Drive Truck

Amazing Golden Retriever Can Drive copyright 2008 jje3



  1. If the dog is driving, does it still stick its head out the window?

  2. Oh yeah. Better view of the road ahead.

  3. I love her neck scarf. She’s a babe.

  4. Annie had her first heartworm treatment on Friday hence the scarf from the vet’s office. She liked the scrarf and I kept it on her until last night when I removed it because it presents a target of opportunity for her sister Jessie.

  5. Wow! Why hasn’t drudge picked up on this, yet!

  6. I KNOW! That’s what I was thinking too.

    Right now they are at my feet play fighting over one of the many, many tennis balls that are scattered around the house. Not to mention the pull toys, nylabones, and Kongs . It’s a zoo and I love it.

  7. I’ll bet she doesn’t swerve when she see a cat in the road.

  8. PJM, she’s 4 for 4 on cats. Almost an ace.

  9. Who’s a good girl? You are, yes you are! You’re a sweet puppy.

  10. DISCLAIMERS: Closed course. Professional driver. Do not attempt.

    No pussykittys were hurt in the filming of this scene.

    Lord knows I don’t need any catbotz stalking me over here and threatening mayhem just because they don’t understand puppy humor.

  11. Sit up, roll over, drive car!

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