Posted by: cranky | February 2, 2008

Sound of Freedom

Jet noise was the primary sound of freedom during my Air Force career, as I was mostly stationed at fighter squadrons (F-15 Eagle) or bomber wings (B-52 and F-111 and the KC-135). If you were lucky, you were stationed somewhere that also had props (C-130 Hercules) and rotors (UH-1 Huey) so that you were exposed to the panoply of aircraft noise. If there were props and rotors you were also lucky to be in proximity to people who flew on those aircraft and performed extraordinary acts of heroism jumping from them to put boots on the ground and pulling people they’d rescued back into the choppers.

Several days ago Dave in Texas confessed to becoming sexually aroused by a flight of UH-60 Blackhawks passing by his office window. Personally, I have always preferred women, but to each his own. This afternoon, the sound of freedom passed over my home.

UH-60 Blackhawk over Montgomery, Alabama, 2-2-2008, copyright 2008 jje3

I cannot hear the sound of an aircraft and not search the sky for the source. God bless the men and women of our military and those of our allies.


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