Posted by: cranky | January 27, 2008

Cranky’s Famous Meat Loaf

This stuff is good if I do say so myself, but maybe only famous in my mind.  Easy to make, about an hour in a 350° oven.

Cranky’s Famous Meat Loaf

I use about one pound of lean ground beef but 1 ½ pounds would be about right too.


2 eggs

½ cup bread crumbs

¾ cup milk

1 teaspoon salt

Minced garlic to suit your taste

Onion if you want


1 small can of carrots

1 small can of green beans (or substitute your favorite veggies)

2 strips of bacon


¼ cup ketchup

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1 teaspoon dry mustard


Beat the eggs, add the milk, bread crumbs, minced garlic, parsley, salt, and your veggies.  Might add some Kitchen Bouquet also — I did.  Mix it together and then add your ground beef.  Squish it all together with your hands working the mixture evenly to distribute the veggies.  Put into a loaf pan and pat down.  Invert the loaf pan onto a baking pan slightly bigger than your loaf pan.

Top the meat loaf with two strips of bacon and place in the oven for 50 minutes.  Remove the bacon strips and allow to cool before cutting up and giving to your dogs.  Prepare the glaze and spread over the top of the meat loaf.  Back into the oven for another 10 minutes. 

Spoon off the fat and I think you’ll have the beginnings of a great gravy.

Sit down.  Eat.  Enjoy.  Burp.



  1. I like to chop up a bunch of green pepper in a meat loaf.

    Add some smashed pitaters and a big pile of buttery salty green peas and that’s about as good as it gets, dude

    This blog makes me hungry.

  2. Green peppers, you say? That sounds great and I’m gonna try it. I thought about the mashed potatoes but got a bit lazy and peas are about my favorite too.

  3. That looks very good cranky I think I’m gonna have to try it.

    p.s. This will sound like a trailer trash recipe, but one time I didn’t have breadcrumbs or onions so I used Funyuns. It was awesome. Or so I’m told, I haven’t had meatloaf since I was a kid because my mom’s meatloaf was so grotesque, I’m turned off.

  4. My daughter makes meat loaf with shredded carrots and she alternates using cheese-french-fried-onion-rings or oatmeal instead of the breadcrumbs.

    And that looks good, cranky.

  5. Oatmeal would work really well, or cooked rice. I love onion rings too.

    I love carrots and green beans, so I usually use those whenever I can. But I’ve been reading lots of good suggestions from y’all so I’m getting new ideas for what would taste good.


  6. I think you could put crushed crackers of almost any type in there to replace the bread crumbs.

    …trailer trash recipe…

    Hey, this is Alabama, that sounds like plain common sense.

  7. I would love a thick slice of that between two slices of potato bread.

  8. ^make me a sammich, cranky 🙂

    I’ve always wanted to say that.

  9. Iffin anyone hereabouts is gonna have a meat loaf sammich it be me. My apologies ladies, for my lack of manners, but my stomach be the boss of me and stomach says no sharing.

  10. cranky, if I was there I have no doubt that you’d share. Being the gentleman that you are.

    Or I’d beat you senseless with that cast-iron skillet I’ve seen on your stove.

  11. 😛

  12. here’s another thing you can do with meatloaf- fill the center with hunks of cheddar cheese (or any kind you like)

  13. Cheese!!!!! Yay! The only sandwich I make without cheese is peanut butter and jelly.

    I had a thought to put some cheese in the meatloaf but didn’t follow through on it. Next time I will. Thanks for the reminder.

    Pats by two touchdowns?

  14. My brother does one sometimes with spinach in the middle. It is damn good!!!!!

  15. God, I love spinach too. That sounds delicious.

  16. sohos, you reminded me of one I used to make.
    You make up your meatloaf mixture. Lay waxed paper in a baking sheet. Spread the meatloaf mixture out on the waxed paper then spread a layer of defrosted, drained frozen spinach. Roll up like a jelly roll (pinwheel) , then bake like a meatloaf.

    Now I’m going to have to make that one.

  17. PattyAnn, make one for me too?

  18. cranky, I’ll make us one if you’ll make garlic, mashed potatoes and those lil green peas. Deal?

  19. LMAO, cranky, I went looking for a picture to show you of the meatloaf rollup and look who is the #2 result on the search:

    And here is a picture of it–it really is pretty, too.

  20. LMAO, cranky, I went looking for a picture to show you of the meatloaf rollup and look who is the #2 result on the search:

    And here is a picture of it–it really is pretty, too.

  21. I think that is how he does it PattyAnn, and with the garlic mashed potatoes on the side. Yummmy!!!!!

  22. Garlic mashed potatoes made with red potatoes? ‘Cause I’ve made those and they rocked.

  23. yep, those are the ones, cranky. Hey, can you check your spam bucket, I have a comment in there.

  24. Bacon… in Meatloaf? BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

  25. ^ blueseaglass


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