Posted by: cranky | January 24, 2008

Brian Kilmeade’s Word of the Day Stupidity

Wednesday morning on Fox and Friends Brian Kilmeade was either 1.) reading the teleprompter, 2.)listening to the words he was being fed from his earpiece or 3.) *gasp* thinking on his own and aloud.  No matter the source of what flowed out of his mouth, he was talking about Tuesday’s death of Australian actor Heath Ledger.

Bestow — 1. to present as a gift; confer.  2. to put to use; apply.  3. a. to provide quarters for. b. to stow [1275 – 1325].  Random House College Dictionary, 2nd Edition, 1997, p. 125.

Brian, not the most shiny pebble in the stream, trots out the word bestow from his Word of the Day card deck to relate that Ledger’s father learned of his son’s death from the television and that Mr. Ledger had this news bestowed on him.  I realize it is not kind to make fun of the slow witted and dull but Kilmeade is a lovable fool.  However, he should never be assigned anything more difficult than reading last night’s scores.  Brian is Ted Baxter without the smarts.



  1. True dat! btw great naggar comment yesterday on IB

  2. Not sure if Winston bit on that one. I think Winston hates white people.


  3. I concur on the naggar comment.

    And where the heck are you and what are you doing: I haven’t seen you around much.

  4. Working and studying for a software certification course. And avoiding doing anyone elses’ taxes but not succeeding.

  5. So Cranky, we agree on some things and disagree on others. We agree Brian Kilmeade is a nitwit. Really- he needs a daily IV filled with powerful STFU compounds.

  6. Will you stop watching Fox And Friends already!

    You know how that show makes your blood pressure go up.

  7. But I like yelling at the TV!


  8. I have to agree, Brian is a doofus.

    In fact, I wrote F&F and asked them why they have the smart guy (Steve Doocy) playing the doofus and the doofus playing the serious journalist.

    Brian is so annoying.

  9. Doocy is smart? 😛

    Kilmeade = Dumb as a bag of rocks

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