Posted by: cranky | January 22, 2008

Politically Incorrect on O’Reilly Factor

Last night I caught part of a segment regarding Obama’s complaints about the methods the Clintons use in competing for the Democrat nomination for president.  Of course there were strategists representing the Democrats and Republicans on the show to provide some punditry.

This morning I wonder if this woman still has a job.  The Republican strategist said of Obama’s complaints about the Clintons:

Welcome to the jungle.

I am waiting for the hue and cry to arise over her “racist” comment.  Me, I think we need to be able to use words and phrases that have always been used in our society to communicate ideas without a fear that the word has some hidden racist meaning.



  1. That fear is exactly why there can’t even be a dialogue.
    Every time race comes up on one of these shows, everyone’s statement has to be bookended by a denounciation of racism, just in case they use a word like “jungle.”
    Then, the host follows with another denouncemnet of racism, then a painfully carefully worded statement or question, and another denouncement of racism, just in case, and the cycle repeats.
    By the end, after everyone has spent 90% of the segment making sure everyone knows they’re not a racist, nothing actually gets talked about.

  2. That is the whole game…Look over here and not at the real issues. It is a common democreep ploy.

  3. Yeah! Like the time I used “jungle bunny” and it wasn’t ….appreciated.

  4. And you were innocent in intent! That should count for a negative double. On the rosetta point system.

  5. First rule of holes: quit digging. And if you’re gonna dig a hole use a shovel, not a spade.


  6. hahahahahahaha

  7. sohos, you are too kind. And I’m stealing ‘democreep’ — thanks in advance.

  8. Hey Cranky, what the hell is this?

    Someone has an old post of yours on their own blog. I found it because it linked to me.

  9. That was really weird NiceDeb and then she called you porndeb and said you knew that she didn’t like Gretchen. Maybe it’s rosetta’s evil twin sister?

  10. Those are all Cranky’s words.

  11. I would like to see Obama call Hillary ‘that carpet-bagging shrew’ and Bill ‘her whore-hopper of a husband’.

    Come on, Obama- time to call a spade a spade! Don’t be so niggardly with the mud!

  12. Those are all Cranky’s words.

    Yeah that was really weird.

  13. Well, what should I do? I suppose I should at least get a screen capture. Okay, I’ve done that.

    No attribution is completely wrong.

  14. Complaints to Google/Blogger must be in writing by snail mail or fax. I think that blog is just a spamvertiser.

  15. It has to be. There was hardly a coherent sentence in it.

  16. on January 24, 2008 at 23:5015 pajama momma
    It has to be. There was hardly a coherent sentence in it.

    Okay, I’ll work on my writing skills. Geez.


  17. you know I’m teasing you………………right? 🙂

  18. Oh yeah, sure. Now you’re teasing!


  19. don’t make me come after you cranky, because I will and you’ll um, like totally hate it.

  20. Okay. I’ll be nice.

    On the good news front: I got dumped by my lawyer today; her firm decided to not take my case against the driver who rear ended me in June. I am guessing that means the lady who hit me had a minimum amount of insurance. Oh well.

  21. Oh that sucks cranky. I don’t know anything about the story………….did you blog about it earlier?

    I hope you get something out of this. 😦

  22. She was really doing me a favor. She said she wouldn’t charge me but her firm apparently decided they wanted to be paid but there probably isn’t a lot of money available from the other driver’s insurance and anything I would get would be reduced by her fees. So it was kind of in my interest.

    I was stopped at a red light and got rear ended by a lady doing 50 mph. Concussion, messed up my back and knee, hard to concentrate, variety of other ills, and my ears started ringing about two weeks after the accident, which was in June, and haven’t stopped ringing yet. Her insurance will pay all of my medical bills and pain and suffering is some percentage of my medical bills. One more appointment at the end of next month.

    I’ll talk to another lawyer I know next week to see if I should just handle it on my own.

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