Posted by: cranky | January 20, 2008

United States Marine Corps

Hat tip to sohos and in memory of Breaker.



  1. Sweet!

  2. What’s with the jarheads; retired FlyBoy? 🙂

    Okay, I am a little patriotic, nice VID.

  3. I was involved in helping to return four Marines from Vietnam, one of whose POW/MIA bracelets I wore and was able to return to his mother when we buried them at Arlington. Have a lot of Marine friends and did a fair amount of training with a Marine unit before Desert Storm. I suppose a lot of it is hero worship on my part — you can blame John Wayne and his Sgt Stryker character for that.


  4. Job well done on returning the Marines from Vietnam. I had a cousin that was a Marine and served in that War. I have a highschool frind that served in the Corp and also have a brother in law retired from the MC four years ago. So, I use any chance I get to take a “loving” jab at them. 🙂

  5. *Chills*.

    I love brave, patriotic Americans.

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