Posted by: cranky | January 20, 2008

Bad Brett the Gunslinger

Fourth quarter.

Never mind.  Picked up a bunch of yards off the interception and subsequent fumble and recovery.

UPDATE:  Well, crap.  Just crap.  Hoping to see history made and not just because it is an NFC East team other than the Birds.  Let’s go *gag* Patriots!



  1. I have the snowball game against the Seahawks on tape, so that’s how I’ll remember Brett Favre.

    Yesterday he was downright ordinary.

    So- the Giants in the Super Bowl! Whodathunkit.

    So dude is this like a cooking blog now?

  2. It sure seems like a cooking blog now, doesn’t it? Food and pictures of food. When I was in Holland we would have get togethers at my apartment and we would make bread and pizza so we could get that taste of home.

    Just continuing a tradition, albeit, a digital tradition now.


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