Posted by: cranky | January 19, 2008

Global Warming in Alabama

I guess the Goreacle visited Alabama.  Today we’ve experienced a tremendous example of Global Warming™ and its evil intent as envisioned by the Goreacle.

Montgomery, Alabama snow storm January 19, 2008

From left to right:  Jessie’s butt, Samantha doing her bidness, Annie,  the dogs’ soccer ball behind Annie and their wading pool in the background.  Also pictured:  snow flakes.  Forecast for tonight is a low of 19 degrees.  It should be real interesting once Montgomery’s streets turn into a skating rink.



  1. Speaking of dogs and snow, you gotta see this!

  2. Well how cool! Wah! I miss snowboarding.

  3. Oh that dog video made me giggle. I had to get all my kids so they could see that.

  4. Good looking bunch of dogs.

    It’s 4 degrees here going down to -5 tonight. Frigging Gore.

  5. bmac, that video is hilarious. Poor Samantha, it was like she remembered the snow storm when she was just over a year old and ran like mad all over the back yard. Now she’s almost 12 and running is something she used to do, much like me. She tried to run in the snow but only got about two steps before she thought she was losing her footing so she stopped. Getting old sucks but beats the alternative.

    Mesa, I’ve got some logs going in the fire place to add to my carbon footprint and my neighbor just brought me some homemade soup. Gonna be a good night. Plus the Duke is on AMC in Rio Grande with Maureen O’Hara. Most definitely a three-dog night here.

    PJM, the damn snowboarders have taken over the streets of Montgomery. We must have gotten a whole inch. 😦

    Al Bore sucks.

  6. Man that looks awesome!

  7. You can thank my lovely wife for the vid, if there’s a cute dog video, she’ll find it!
    And email it to me immediately! (gotta love her)
    BTW, who’s Annie? Have you gotten another dog Cranky?

  8. Sohos, that’s a great song by Alan Jackson. I drive by the cemetery where Hank Williams is buried every day on my way home from work. Interstate 85 where it runs through Newnan, Georgia has been renamed Alan Jackson Highway.

  9. bmac, as I was starting to open the door to my truck to head back to work after lunch on Friday, a dog jumped on me. I looked down and if she was a bit darker it was Nala. She ran around for a bit and then I got her through the gate and into my back yard.

    She had no ID or rabies tag on her collar. She was covered in mud and her hair was matted. Pretty skinny too, her ribs were fairly prominent. She looked strong though.

    Jessie saw her from her kennel in the living room in front of a window and she went nuts barking at this intruder. Samantha came over to the window and looked out. After a few minutes I opened the back door and Samantha stuck her nose out and wagged her tail. Much more friendly with this one than she was with Jessie. So Samantha and the pup are introducing themselves in the back yard and I went inside to let Jessie out of her kennel and put a leash on her.

    Out the back door with Jessie and the puppy, I estimate her age at just a bit older than Jessie, established that she was the boss. When I brought them back in the house Samantha grabbed the leash and led Jessie into the living room — pretty funny to see. I really needed to get back to work so I put Jessie in her kennel and hoped for the best.

    When I got back to work I told my buddy’s daughter what had happened and then I called the humane society and my vet. Told the humane society I would keep her at my house but that if someone was looking for her to have them call me. No phone calls yet and no lost dog signs up in the neighborhood. I asked N., my buddy’s daughter, what she thought a good name would be and she suggested Annie. Cue the Twilight Zone music but that is a name I planned on using for a companion for Nala and Samantha. Jessie already had a name so she couldn’t be Annie.

    Short story long, that’s how Annie ended up here. So this house now has two Golden Retrievers and one Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix. The two youngsters are under the desk sleeping at my feet. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

  10. Now that is just the best story evah! My boys (wiener dogs) are sleeping at my feet as I type.

  11. Welcome to the zoo crew Annie. We are a bunch of pupster lovers!!! Get ready to get spoiled by your dad.

    P.S. that dog video remided me of what Kramer would probably do. He looked like a cross between Kramer and my girlfriends dog Bogie.

  12. Mrs. bmac? Sweet! Hi and nice to meet you!

  13. Hey Mrs. bmac, how’s Kramer handling not having to go to chemo anymore? Is Maxine safe from his “abs workout”?

  14. Hey cranky! No Maxine is still “not safe”. Kramer is still at it with a vengence. I guess we let him get away with it because he thinks he is a “Bad Ass Two Time Cancer Survivor”!!! What a butt.

    Hey PJM!! I poke in and out every so often. Bet you didn’t think anyone was crazy enough to marry bmac? And you think cranky is cranky???? He ain’t got nothin’ on my man!

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