Posted by: cranky | January 15, 2008

Gretchen Carlson — Dumb Blond Part Trois

My girl Gretchen Carlson dumped another load of stupid on the air this morning.  While discussing a possible hoax radio transmission during the US Navy — Iranian speedboat confrontation in the Straits of Hormuz a week or two ago Gretchen made a comment that was draw droppingly stupid.

She said that we [meaning the United States] might have started World War III if we fired on the Iranian speedboats.  According to the Blond One, if we act in defense of ours right to travel in international waters when attacked by Iranians the United States would be starting World War III.  Get the blame out there early and often Mrs. Carlson.  You’re about as intelligent as that Miss Teen South Carolina.

Is it Carlson herself, the producers or the person putting the words into the Teleprompter who make the Fox and Friends Friend seem so simple minded?



  1. They’re trying to steal The View’s audience.

  2. PJ, wish I’d thought of that one.

  3. What do they see from The View?

  4. I can’t even watch Fox anymore, they’ve really gone to shit.
    Between the talking points talk-offs on H&C, O’Reilly’s environmentalism, fucking GERALDO, and having a static helicopter shot for 30 minutes every time someone gets a parking ticket, I just can’t take it anymore.

    Oh yeah, and SHEP SMITH.

  5. What do they see from The View

    Oh yeah, and SHEP SMITH.

    I laughed so hard when he was interviewing that guy during Hurricane Katrina and that guy pretty much told him to eff off.

  6. Shepard Smith ranks at the bottom of a long list of obnoxious and odorous TV types. O’Reilly is a self-important blow hard, both Hannity and Colmes are idiots, Geraldo’s ego has no limits but my patience with him does, and Fox News itself with its car chases and crime scene breathlessness has bored me into a stupor. I’ll watch when there is war stuff on from the field but they say the most stupid stuff about almost everything and the majority of their on-air types are the bad types of morons.

    Yet they are generally better than the rest of their competitors whose bias I cannot tolerate.

  7. I’m soooo not impressed with Hannity. I’m really not. He’s very nasal and more often than not, if I’ve listened to Rush already, there’s no point in listening to pete the repeat parrot.

  8. Do you really like Gretchen or are you joking?

    Do you think she’s hot?

  9. She’s the kind you’d chew your arm off just to get away from her. Look at One Eye Carlson — lights are on but no one is home. She’s an ice back too.

  10. PJM, I admit to once having bought one of Hannity’s books. The most awful waste of paper out there. I’d never buy anything by O’Reilly. Ann Coulter I love because of her way with words — I would hate to be on the receiving end of her scorn because she is just so devastingly accurate in her slap downs. Thank God she’s on our side.

  11. I love coulter too cranky. I get a kick out of her, but mostly I get a kick out of people’s reactions to her.

  12. Okay good. Something about Gretchen bugs the shit out of me.

    Part of it is becaue she’s as dense as a black hole but there’s something about her look. I want to slap her.

    I canNOT believe she was a Miss America. That had to have been an error.

  13. And Fox let Kiran Chetry get away so they could keep Gretchen? What were they smoking?

  14. I listen to talk radio all day. So I don’t know who most of these bimbos are.

  15. NiceDeb, you’re smarter than you know. To me the talking heads on TV are so homogenized and dumbed down that the blandness is really unappealing. I’m looking for facts from reporters not opinions and I haven’t heard facts from a reporter in a long, long time other than when they say their name and even then I would like independent confirmation.

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    😎 equals colonCOOLcolon
    👿 equals colonEVILcolon
    :mrgreen: equals colonMRGREENcolon
    😦 equals colonSADcolon
    😳 equals colonOOPScolon
    😐 equals colon-| (colondashverticalbar)

  16. At ease troops! Aren’t you talking about a former Miss America?

  17. This is true sir. I believe she was Miss America 1989.


  18. In case you were wondering what it is about Gretchen Carlsons face that brings on feelings of animosity, – It must be her striking resemblance to”Bride of Chucky”(separated at birth?)

  19. ^LMAO.

  20. Gretchen Carlson is ugly and stupid, i can’t stand her,she always wants to be the center of attention, Brian and Steve Doocie are great, get that stupid blondie form theshow off!!!!!and get her a psychologist to treat her complexesand insecurities!!!!
    but I love Megyn Kelly!!!!!!!!

  21. Wow! What a bunch of negative people here! Gretchen Carlson has the prettiest laugh on TV. She has a neat personality & is attractive. What IS the problem with you folks who have no apparent talent of your own? Go get a TV show if you’re so great at spotting what’s wrong with the TV you see. Get off your duff & get your 15 minutes, at least.
    Your negativism is boring.

    • Vera, you make a shit stain on my boxers seem scholarly with that inane comment.

  22. Gretchen Carlson has the prettiest laugh on TV. She has a neat personality & is attractive.

    …and that, apparently suffices for journalism in Vera’s eyes-dotted-with-care-bears world.

    Good job on reinforcing the point of the post and the comments, Vera.

  23. Well spat, geoff.

    I was gonna violently dribble on her, but I’m suffering from an utterly debilitating hangnail.

    Cranky will be proud of you!

  24. Just re-read that, and realized that it being quite early in the morning, I wrote it wrong. I should say,


    That would make a bit more sense.

  25. Gretchen sucks. She’s on vacation as of today thank God. Maybe it’s permanant as that’s the way FOX does things. Hopefully!!!

  26. Gretchen Carlson tries to come off as intelligent, but she isn’t even close! Saw her on a segment of O’Reilly talking about how people talked to her like she was dumb just because she was “pretty”. Come on, Gretchen! While on the air, you wear desses/skirts that come up to your butt, make STOOOOOOPID and thoughtless remarks, and you expect people to take you seriously? The only 2 people at Fox that I can stand, are Glen Beck and the Judge. I switched to CNN after Kiran Chetry moved from Fox, because she is SO much smarter than Gretchen. She wears short skirts, too, but she doesn’t sit on a couch and cross her legs to show it all. At least she sits behind a desk and can refrain from making stooooooooooopid comments!

  27. Gretchen is about as smart as a box of rocks and her two counterparts Brian and Steve are not far behind her either. Then the new boy following in daddys high heel tracks Peter Doocy…..he is dumber than Gretchen is.

  28. Gretchen Carlson thinks her shit tastes like ice cream. From her shrilling voice, to the airbrush tanning job, to the cheap bleach job, it says it all. She and the rest of the Fox News pricks can take their holier than thou christian bullshit and choke dead on it. Fuck Fox, fuck god, fuck anyone without a brain that believes in god and conservatism.

  29. You guys are fucken idiots.
    First Gretchen Carlson is hot.
    Second, you fuck brains that hate fox, that is a good thing. Keep watching the bottom feeding MSNBC.

    Do you shit for brains understand the history behind the progressive movement? No, I didn’t think so.

    Peace out Fuck brains!

  30. Gretchen sucks, she sucked on CBS and she is EXACTLY where she needs to be on FOX with all the other mindless, talentless, right wing, religious freaks

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