Posted by: cranky | January 14, 2008

Comanche Moon

I really wanted to really like this show. The presentation by CBS, with the little scene introductions, was distracting — just get into it.  Maybe this has something to do with the DVD that will eventually come out.

Full disclosure:  I haven’t read the book so my expectations were not lowered by having read a good book subsequently ruined by the movie.  My experience is that most books are better than the screen treatment.  What the hell is this dangling of a cage over a cliff crap?

I will give it a chance and I’ll probably buy the DVD (and I’ll read the book) when it is available but only because I like Westerns and I like McMurtry but Comanche Moon is no Broken Trail.



  1. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet

    Hahaha. Is that new?

  2. cranky, if you would be interested in a personal family story about McMurtry, email me (in the Hostages “About” page)

    I detest that man.

  3. Rosetta, I saw it when Ace posted it then Rachel Lucas changed her blog title to include it so I’m just a pathetic copycat.

  4. Commanche Moon sucked.

    It was like the cartoon version of Lonesome Dove. There were a few good scenes and a couple of funny lines, but it was nowhere close to Lonesome Dove. There were too many stupid things just thrown in that made no sense and were ridiculous. I mean, who hasn’t seen the “throw a snake out of a pit on the guys neck” or the “crazy parrot driving a guy off a cliff” trick before?


  5. Commanche Moon was a major disappointment to me. I wanted to really like it, I did manage to watch all three episodes, but this isn’t something I’m looking forward to the DVD release so I can watch it anytime I want. If this had been a TV series that parrot crap would be the jump the shark moment.

    I’ll try the book, it has to be better than what we just saw.

  6. CBS Paramount Network Television and Sony Pictures Television. Executive producers, Diana Ossana, Larry McMurtry, Paul Frank, Adam Shulman, Julie Yorn; producer, Dyson Lovell; director, Simon Wincer – you all should be ashamed of yourself for destroying this great legacy. Lonesome Dove is my favorite all time movie and I own and respect the other prequels and sequels to it as well but Comanche Moon is down-right embarrassing! I ask anyone to compare just the first 3 minutes of “Dead Man’s Walk”, Streets of Laredo” or the movie Lonesome Dove itself to Comanche Moon and you will see just what a piece of crap this mini series was.

    I do like Steve Zahn and I think he was terrific as Duvall’s younger Gus McCrae, but everyone and everything else is a let down. Why on earth did they spend so much time on Inish Sculls and his promiscuous wife! Who cares? I know he’s a central character in the book but what significance was there to any of the other Lonesome Dove movies? There was no real time spent on Lori, Deets, Pea Eye or even what made the town “Lonesome Dove” so darn attractive to Gus! How about spending time on “The Great Western…’Mattie’ Roberts” To waste so much screen time on the disfunctional Scull family was a crime. I think the directing was pathetic as well. Simon – You brilliantly directed “Lonesome Dove’ and “Into the West” what the hell happened here?? You even managed make Wes Studi look like a bad actor! Larry, you let them destroy your work. You and CBS should all be ashamed. This should have never been on CBS.

    Mark, Chicago

  7. ^ by Mark — now that’s a review!

    I was hoping for something of the same quality as Broken Trail, which ranks right up there with Lonesome Dove in my opinion. Broken Trail wasn’t as broad of a story as Lonesome Dove but it was well told. The characters were complete, as they were in Lonesome Dove. In Comanche Moon, you learn nothing of Deets or the town, as Mark notes above.

    Disappointing job CBS.

  8. I was expecting for Comanche Moon to be about Quanah Parker and his mother Cynthia Ann Parker.After all he was chief of the comananche’s.He became a powerful influence in leading his people along the “white man’s road.”He encouraged education,house building,and agriculture.
    The last chief of the comanche Quanah parker was buried on the bank of Cache Creek at Lawton,Oklahoma,beside the grave of his white mother.A monument,authorized under an act of congress,was erected over his grave in 1926.
    Thats what I expected to see more of!!!

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