Posted by: cranky | January 13, 2008

Cranky Food Network

Thanks to Pajamma Momma and PattyAnn for the post title.

First up this morning I made a Cranberry Orange Nut Bread, hold the nuts, for my neighbors.  My next door neighbors are the sweetest people in the world and always bring me plates of food at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Mixing it up

 Cranberry Orange Nut Bread no nuts

The above picture was before I made a glaze with confectioner’s sugar and some orange juice.  Garnished the top with grated orange peel.

PattyAnn was asking for a Charro Bean Soup recipe and Pajamma Momma posted one at The Hostages.  I made some today and I just sampled it.  I used jalapeno peppers because I could not find any serrano peppers at the grocery store yesterday.  PattyAnn suggested I remove the seeds from the jalapeno if I didn’t want it to be too hot.   I added some minced garlic to the mixture sauteed in the bacon drippings.  It does taste delicious and I hope the photographs do the charro bean soup justice.

Garlic, Onions, Jalapeno in bacon drippings

Garlic, Onions, Jalapenos with Tomatoes in bacon drippings

Charro Bean Soup

I feel obliged to share this soup with some folks at work.  But maybe not.



  1. Cranky, that bread and those beans look delicious!
    Thanks for posting the pictures.
    And Cranky Food Network™ was PajamaMomma’s creation, I just repeated it. It does fit and I would watch you on Food Network.

  2. I think I cooked out too much of the liquid on the soup and I didn’t put in enough cilantro. It has a tang but not a punch. I was looking for something in between the two. Proabably needed another strip of bacon (I only used 5 because I wanted 3 strips for breakfast).

    Made some corn bread and just had a bowl. Excellent little meal.

    After I made the Cranberry bread I wished I had made enough for two loaves. Back to the store for some more oranges. The next loaf is for me.

    I’m wondering how PJM did with her potato bread?

    Thanks for putting the idea in my head to make this soup. Right now I’m getting the my-head-is-starting-to-get-hot-and-that-must-mean-I-ate-something-with-some-heat-in-it-and-it-was-good feeling.

  3. I feel obliged to share this soup with some folks at work

    Wha? You work?

  4. Oh that looks so good cranky!!!11!!1!!
    I hadn’t had time to read your post earlier (just had enough time to leave a smart alec comment) so I just read it.

    And I know you didn’t just make this Cranberry Orange Nut Bread without posting the recipe. Oh no you din’t

  5. I did too! Uh huh.

    I’ll write it up tomorrow. I’m watching Comache Moon right now and have to get some sleep before I got to go to WORK! 😛

    Stuff looked good and sure smelled good. I need some more oranges. I froze the cranberries so I’m good on them. I learned something about glazes too; don’t need as much sugar as the recipe says.

    Things don’t look good for Val Kilmer (Colonel? Scull) right now. Plus his wife is cheating on him with everyone.

  6. Cranky, you up for a tip on the bread glaze?
    If you poke a whole bunch of holes with one of those small wooden skewers in the top and drizzle some of the glaze slowly into the holes while the bread’s hot, it will flow deep into the bread so all the sweet goodness is not just on the top.

    I find it hard to feel sorry for Val Kilmer. I loved his early movies then it seemed he got too big for his britches. Give me someone who can cook over a pretty boy anyday, now that I’m old.

  7. PA, I like the glaze drizzle idea. I’ll try it. Thanks.

  8. I’m gonna have to make some of that soup. Everyone in my family loooves anything Mexican, and that looks delish.

    I have a poppyseed bread recipe that has an orange glaze on top. It’s yummers.

  9. Well, NiceDeb are you gonna share? The ex-wife of a guy I used to work for would bring us these orange poppyseed muffins on weekends. They were fantastic.

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