Posted by: cranky | January 12, 2008

Rosetta’s Class Picture

The resources of the entire National Security apparatus was were [Wordpress needs a grammar checker since I’m an idiot] put on the case of acquiring Rosetta’s high school picture.  The President has been briefed and decided it was in the publics’ interest to show what the Man/Lesbian looked like many years ago.  A BOLO has been issued.  Authorities are questioning Thai transvestite hookers and the dwindling population of hobos in a nationwide effort to determine Mr./Mrs. Rosetta’s current location.  Witnesses state he still wears his/her hair in the fashion shown in the photograph

Rosetta circa 1987

Be aware of his/her tendency to try to convince individuals to engage in questionable sexual activities.  Use extreme caution in approaching this switch hitter.



  1. Hahahaha Cranky!
    Can’t wait to see the retaliation.
    You can hide behind me 🙂

  2. Oh it’s on now, bitch.

    Start making your final arrangements because your time is short.

    Fear the morrow my friend.

  3. Bet you’re a SeaChickens fan, too.

    Ooops, I just crapped my pants.

  4. You can hide behind me cranky. I’m wide enough. In fact, I’ll even kick rosetta in the shins a time or two for ya,
    There’s no way I’m gonna lose the Cranky Food Network.

  5. Thanks, PJ. Wonder what kind of conditioner he uses? WD-40?

    I bought some fresh cranberries today and I have some oranges. I’m going to make Cranberry Orange Nut Bread without the nuts for my neighbor. Will give me a good excuse to return the dishes she brought me a Christmas dinner on. Recipe is a Good Housekeeping cookbook one that is pretty easy. I’ll take some pictures if Rosetta doesn’t kill me first.

  6. Is that a mullet, he’s sporting? It looks like a mullet.

  7. It is most certainly a mullet and he has made a voluntary confession that he did, indeed, sport a mullet in the ’80s.

  8. Cranky Food Network. I’m addicted to it, too. Did you make the Charro Beans yet?

  9. PattyAnn, I’m taking pictures right now. The beans are almost tender enough and I’ve made a mixture of garlic, onion, jalapeno and tomato in the frying pan I used to fry my bacon this morning. How soupy is this, or is more thick like a chili?

    It all smells delicious.

    Did we scare Rosetta into hiding?

  10. and he has made a voluntary confession that he did, indeed, sport a mullet in the ’80s.

    Well he just lost what little respect I had for him.

  11. Know what’s even worse NiceDeb? It was a permed mullet.

  12. Did we scare Rosetta into hiding?

    I had planned on spending my Sunday mocking you all over the innerwebtubes but it ended up being a drunken movie day instead.

    And I’m too hung over today to do anything bad to you so you might get to skate on your egregiously offensive mullet post.

  13. Cranky I think rosetta is pussing out, but that’s just me

  14. Nobody knows me so the effect of mocking me would limited. Now PJM says you’re pussing out but since you’ve risen from your stupor and not done anything about it I will guess that the truth hurts but there is no argument against it so your silence is just acknowledgment of the ugly truth.

  15. You know you’re on the wrong side of this because you agree with pajama momma.

    I mercifully have decided not to seek revenge for the mullet mockery however I will not forget the affront.

    *spraypaints cranky’s lawn yellow*

  16. *Steps in front of cranky’s lawn to protect it and now have Happy Pants*

  17. PA, thank you for saving my weed infested lawn. Rosetta, that’s weak and picking on the ladies — not nice. Whatsamatta, no tread left on your tires so you can’t do lawn donuts now?

  18. Oh cute yellow feet PA. New shoes?

  19. New plates 😉

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