Posted by: cranky | January 10, 2008

Make me a sammich

Hey, pajamma momma, how about making me a sammich before you get to work on your bootie

Potato bread

Use this please.  Kthnxbye.



  1. Kthnxbye.

    Hahahaha. That’s so incredibly gay I’m afraid I’m gonna have to steal it.

    Did you make that up or did you swipe it from someplace else?

  2. Pingback works now cranky. I didn’t know I didn’t allow them.

    My that’s a really big loaf you have there cranky.

  3. Rosetta, LOLCATS (see my Damn Cats link) speak.

    PJM, flattery will get you everything. But you know what, that roll of quarters in the sock stuffed down the trousers actually gets kind of cold and unlike the ladies, us guys face the, ahem, shrinkage problem. IYKWIMAITYD.

    Potato bread, a work in progress. Haven’t made any in a month or two. Maybe this weekend.

  4. I want the recipe please!

  5. I will find it and send to you tomorrow. Yellow potatoes you’ll need. I probably put way too many potatoes in mine and it makes two huge loaves of bread. Guess what? I have pictures. One of my sisters thinks I’m weird because I take pictures of stuff I cook or bake. So what does she do? She sends me pictures of the french toast she made from one of the loafs I sent to her. Who is weird?

  6. My kids love potato bread, in fact they won’t eat any other kind of bread.
    And if I could make it homemade without preservatives….even better

    Bread that comes from the store has soy in it and I’m a bit anti soy, but it’s difficult because pretty much everything you buy has soy in it. Even milk because cows are fed soy.

  7. I want the recipe please!

    Is it Warrior bread?

  8. Is it Warrior bread?


  9. […] 11, 2008 by cranky Because pajamma momma asked, and we always do what momma asks, here is a recipe for potato bread from Masser Potato Farms that I’ve […]

  10. Balance Sheet: The blogosphere’s hottest new Homemaking Blog!

  11. NiceDeb, it’s a manly heterosexual Homemaking Blog that is completely conservative and hoping for Fred in ’08.

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