Posted by: cranky | January 9, 2008


Chocolate chip cookies with pecans 

 We’ve got cookies for pajamma momma and NiceDeb as a peace offering and as an incentive to end the incessant insults.  Anyone who wants some just grab a handful for yourself.



  1. I’m not looking! I’m not looking!

  2. But they’re good for you. The chocolate is the bittersweet kind with all the anti-oxidants and then there are the pecans and we all now how healthy they are. Go ahead, have one or two or five.


  3. Oh ok since you put it that way……..maybe I’ll have just one.

    *accidentally puts all of them in mouth*

  4. So you’re excuse is that it was an accident. Okay, missy, no more cookies for you!

  5. No more? You mean there’s some left?

    *sniffs around*

  6. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..cookies……(Homer drooling)…..ahhhhhhhhhhghghghghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….

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