Posted by: cranky | January 8, 2008

Gretchen Carlson — Dumb Blond Part Deux

A discussion on Fox and Friends this morning regarding whether Hillary!’s tears yesterday were real or fake.  Two choices regarding the authenticity of the tears:  real or fake.

But Gretchen says there is a third possibility and then lists several more possibilities.

Yes or No, True or False, or Yes, No, or Gretchen’s multiple possibilities to something that is an ‘either-or’ exercise.  Her eyes reveal just how hard her brain is working and the pain it [the brain] must be experiencing.  It is sad that she is giving real dumb blonds a bad name.



  1. I think it would be so cool if Hillary won the presidency and like cried at her first cabinet meeting cuz then like people, would see that the poor people in Asia don’t have maps and that makes them hungry because if they don’t have maps no one can find them to give them food and if Hillary cries that means she cares and won’t continue to propagate the war machine.

  2. But I like war machines and maps so where would that leave me? I think I’ll just cry.

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