Posted by: cranky | January 8, 2008


Well, I just had a great meal.  Filling and tasty.  Now for some dessert.  Too bad pajamma momma, sohos, and others aren’t here to share.

Cheesecake with crushed pineapple topping 

Cheesecake, graham cracker crust, with crushed pineapple topping.  I need to make another one of these soon because it sure was good — so I ate the whole thing.



  1. Are you really doing all this cooking yourself?

    I can just picture you rubbing your hands together cackling maniacally to yourself as you plot your next malicious post.

    Well I just want to say to you, Die Gas Pumper!

  2. I did make all the food stuff. The cheesecake was several years ago and the grilled cheese photo is about as old. I do love to make bread. One of my sisters is such a good baker that people have her make their wedding cakes. One of my grandfathers spent some time as a baker during the Depression. Maybe that’s where it comes from.

    Lately, I’ve been baking cookies and I made some chocolate truffles two weeks ago that really rocked. Last week I made some chocolate mousse based on a recipe lauraw posted on IB some time ago. It turned out really well.

    Die Gas Pumper! I have not been baking brownies!

  3. I’m so glad I’m only hanging out with you on the internet!

  4. Would you like some cookies? I’ve got cookies.

  5. You must be even fatter than PJ Momma!

  6. I was getting kind of round. 😛

    I’ve probably dropped almost 20 pounds in the last year. Some of it diet, some of it from stress. Bad back, knees, and hips make it hard to exercise. I used to be a runner, even when I was smoking. Sucks to get old.

    So I reward myself with occasional goodies. 😛

  7. You could always start smoking again!
    It takes ten years off your life, but it’s the last ten, and they suck anyway!

  8. You must be even fatter than PJ Momma!


  9. Ruh roh! Nice Deb might have started a fight. So what’s on tonight’s menu?

    Oh, that’s right. We’ve got cookies.

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