Posted by: cranky | January 5, 2008

Uncomfortable Thoughts

Republicans have become Democrats that don’t say stupid things out loud.

That pretty much says it.  Short.  Sweet.  To the point.



  1. Thanks Cranky!

  2. You’re welcome! How’s Kramer doing?

  3. He got his last chemo treatment thursday, and it was like he knew it was his last one because he came home and went apeshit! Humping Max, eating like a pig, and generally being a punk.
    He’s officially in full remission!!
    Thanks for asking!
    How’s Jessie doing? Still a chewing everything machine?

  4. Jessie is an attention hog who pulls the covers off of tennis balls. I bought her a soccer ball for the back yard but she is only interested in the tennis ball. So I’m getting better with each of my feet at kicking a tennis ball around the back yard and in the house. She runs like a maniac and wears herself out. Still occasionally putting her feet up on the kitchen counter but I think she’s better behaved. I have a feeling she is going to be one great dog. She is a great watch dog with a very loud and fierce bark and the hair from the back of her neck to her tail will stand straight up. Good on a leash and good with Sit and Heel, not good on Down or Stay. Tell Gia I said thanks for putting the idea in my head to go to the humane shelter.

    I’m glad to hear Kramer is being a punk! 😛

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