Posted by: cranky | December 27, 2007

Shepard Freaking Smith — Sad Day in the OC

You know that disgusting stuff that floats in a grease trap at the greasy spoon that always fails its health inspections?  That stuff is Shepard Smith’s DNA.

Mischa Barton Just a while ago he had a bit on about some twit actress from The O.C. that got busted for DUI.  He called it a sad day.


A sad day is when Fox News renewed this fuckwit’s contract  — it should have been a national day of mourning.  A good day is when some celebrity gets popped for doing something illegal and stupid.  A great day will be when the smirking chimp Shepard Smith departs the airwaves.



  1. That’s what I’m talkin bout Cranky! I loves me a good Shep rant!
    Have you noticed these asshole celebs all have a fucking shit-eating smirk on all their mug shots? Like it’s funny. I guess it is, cause now we’ll all hear about this stupid bitch.
    A DUI is now a career move.

  2. You’re right about the smirks. They don’t care, it isn’t like they would be ashamed or face any actual penalties. Until one of these fucks kills someone, they’ll never get the penalties they deserve. They have no idea of how low the regard they are held in by most of us.

    And Shepard Smith sucks golf balls through garden hoses.

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