Posted by: cranky | December 16, 2007

Terror Suspect’s “Mysterious Disappearance”


^ That’s not right.

It is completely believable that a Muslim held in a Muslim country and facing extradition on terror and murder charges would be able to escape his handcuffs and make a mysterious disappearance.  What the fuck?  Is this dude Harry Houdini?

Rauf escaped Saturday after appearing before a judge for an extradition hearing in Islamabad. Police say he was able to break from his handcuffs and run away. Rauf’s lawyer, Hasmat [Heh! Cleanup on Aisle 7, someone spilled some anthrax] Habib, called his escape a “mysterious disappearance.”

A bit of unsolicited advice for our Pakistani allies, next time just shoot the motherfucker in the back of the head prior to his scheduled appearance before a judge.  Then say he mysteriously disappeared.


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