Posted by: cranky | December 15, 2007

Red Necked and White Trash Truth in Advertising

Everyone knows I live in Alabama, right?  We are the targets of lots of redneck jokes and white trash jokes and white trash trailer park jokes but maybe I’m repeating myself there.  I’m linking to Beth’s most recent post on Fred08 because she’s an Alabama Crimson Tide fan who has trashed Auburn (good naturedly and accurately too, for being the land of trailers — or in politically correct speak — manufactured/mobile homes).

The following ad appeared in the December 13, 2007 edition of the Bulletin Board Manufactured/Mobile Homes Section and kind of reinforces that red neck, white trash, trailer park stereotype.  Now me, I’m a red neck white trash kind of guy who does not currently live in a trailer manufactured home although I’m hoping to move on up someday from this van down by the river gig and I feel this guy’s pain.

Wife Left Me For A Big Ugly Guy

Selling Home Very Cheap

Take Over Payments

Call J#$$() at 334-###-####



  1. *lets air out of cranky’s mobile home tires*

    There is good BBQ in Alabama. You have that going for you.

  2. Oh hell yeah, there’s some good barbeque. Hole in the wall place named Sam’s not even a mile from me. You go by there and to just smell the smoke I start drooling. Plastic knives and forks and styrofoam trays and cups. Pulled pork. Stuff is fantastic. The small places have the best stuff. The chain places like Dreamland are not so good.

    Letting the air out of three tires ain’t gonna make a big bit of difference to me. Until I get a fourth tire this place ain’t going nowheres anyhow. And that new tire gotta wait until after I get a pair of shoes. Promised myself that 2007 was the year I got a pair of shoes with leather — no plastic shoes for me no more, no sir — and I aim to do just that.

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