Posted by: cranky | December 14, 2007


Don’t you dare use Tom™ ‘s handle or annoymous nickname while making comments at Ace of Spades ’cause its his nickname and you aren’t allowed to use it because he said so and he’s SMART!!111!!



  1. You and Cuffy were killin’ me over there!

  2. Wiserbud is nailing him too, primarily Wiserbud on everything Tom™ writes anywhere . I keep fucking up the ™ trademark thing in one place and getting it right somewhere else. Tom is a leaky douchebag who must have a masochist streak a mile long. Couple of weeks ago it was all about how smart he was and we’re all uneducated morons and that providing his employees (if he actually runs a business) was a perk and not a form of compensation.

    If he thinks it isn’t a form of compensation he needs to take a look at a W-2 form sometime. He’s either a world-class idiot or a regular dues-paying member of the Democrat Party, but wait, I repeat myself.

  3. These tools always get their asses handed to them over there.
    So much more fun than Hot Air.

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