Posted by: cranky | December 9, 2007

Christian Missionaries Killed — in Colorado

(CNN) — A gunman opened fire Sunday in a training center for young Christian missionaries outside Denver, Colorado, killing two people and wounding two others, police said.

You’d expect this in some other parts of the world since we are the most tolerant of religion country on the face of the planet — ever.

Description of perp:

The gunman was described as a white male, about 20 years old, said Medina. He may be wearing glasses and a dark skull cap black-kufi-skull-cap.jpgor beanie. He also may be sporting a beard or mustache, she said.

Call me racist, and of course I have absolutely nothing to go on but gut instinct, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and call the gunman quite possibly a member of the religion of peace based entirely on the skull cap and facial hair.  It could be Barbara Streisand   mecha-barbara.jpg but she’s pretty old and it would be pretty hard for her to run away with her big boobs flapping back (go ahead, click — you know you want to) into her face and they would probably knock her out.  Now no one in any position of governmental authority would ever profess such an opinion.  Even if the perpetrator claimed responsibility in the name of Islam [see anyone claiming that 9/11 was an inside job and that bin Laden could not possibly have orchestrated and carried out that attack despite claiming credit].



  1. The kid’s name is Matthew Murray, 24, a son of a neurologist. Sounds Irish.

    He was home schooled.

    Perhaps he converted?

    Perhaps he had a bad experience at the church?

    Black sheep of the family?

    It will all come out eventually.

  2. It was interseting seeing how the different news outlets covered this. CNN put up the scare graphic ‘FAITH AND FURY’. The local NBC affiliate used a graphic ‘RELIGIOUS SHOOTINGS’.

  3. It is just so sad for the families of the victims. What is wrong with people that they attack the religious of all people?

    Last week I saw the whitest Muslim ever. Red haired American. Seemed nice enough but I trust no Muslim.

  4. Not at all…what do you expect when for whatever conviction you may be homeschooled away from the fashionings going on in contemporary society as hard traditionally true the dichotomy of the seperate natures perhaps…but raise well perhaps…maybe isolated in latent growth years and not adequately integrated socially alittle abrupt but alone thought …then again the chance for redemption during dark lonely years to fix oneself and then be trained accepted and then cast out for whatever reason rejected?…in this day and age when after…so recent in my mind but fading examples and then reminders…it’s prevelance or exponential phenomenon yes and popular misconceptions in youth and older sometimes no…surprised …I think you know how I feel…noemater to be rejected….?

  5. WTF was that?

  6. According to Denver ABC affiliate:

    >Assam worked as a police officer in downtown Minneapolis during the 1990s

  7. Barry, that was my initial question too. I decided to let it go ’cause it hurt my head trying to read it.

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