Posted by: cranky | December 5, 2007

Omaha Mall Shooting

Horrible event.  Not to in any manner make light of the tragedy, but it is really unfortunate that the shooter had the order of who gets shot completely backwards.

Why though is Fox News and its Queen of Disaster, Shepard Smith, breathlessly reporting the 19-year old gun man had a military haircut (What the fuck is a military haircut?  Is it limited to members of the military or can anyone have a military haircut?) and was wearing a camoflage vest.  I am convinced that mentioning this is merely Shep’s, and his evil cock sucking mini-Me, Trace Gallagher’s, bias showing as brightly as the chromed dildo they use on each other.  Bloomberg says the shooter was wearing an Army green vest.  How long before the MSM begins to urge the banning of green clothing and camoflage clothing because they help shooters disappear so well in the mall decor.

More of my anti-media rant:  is there some store in the mall where network and cable news anchors go to buy their oh-so-gay on-air names?  Shep.  Trace.  Trip.  Trey.  Fucking gay.  Apologies to anyone who actually named their kids with those names.  As long as they don’t go on to a career in cable or network TV you can be probably be proud of them.



  1. Cranky, I love your Shep rants!
    In fact, maybe you could start another page, like “Shep Watch” or something, and do a daily vivisection of that jackass.

  2. But bmac, that means I would have to spend even more time watching that walking, talking hemorrhoid. Every minute watching that tool is torture. It occurred to me the other day that Shepard Smith is a Paul Harvey wannabe. Apologies to Mr. Harvey.

  3. Yes, but it would entertain the hell out of me.
    I agree about the stupid names, it’s like they think they’re all fucking Top Gun pilots or something.
    I’m waiting for “Now we go to The Iceman, who’s live on the scene.
    “Thanks Maverick”

  4. Now I’m laughing like a retard!

    “After the break, Slider will be here with sports and then Jester has the Weather. Viper will be in to clean up.

    Wolfman out on the break for Check Six News!”

  5. HaHaHa!!
    Now for our business report, here’s Tango, and then we’ll take a look at the traffic with Red Dog!

  6. Jester! You got 2 Olbermans on your six!


  7. Viper. Get in here and get Olberman off my ass!

    Lighitng my candles and going vertical on the commercial break.

  8. I did like that the one FNC babe refused to mention his name.

  9. eddie, that is good for her. I hate it when the media people state the total number of victims and include the perpetrator as if it was just chance that caused the perpetrator to be killed.

  10. I forget which one it was, but fools like this guy need to just disappear.

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