Posted by: cranky | December 2, 2007

Wasting Brian Westbrook’s Efforts


Four interceptions.  Two turned into touchdowns for the Seahawks.  A few years ago A.J. Feeley won games down the stretch when McNabb was hurt.  He isn’t doing it now.  Seven interceptions in two games?  That is not NFL caliber quarterbacking.

Where’s the rookie QB?  Time to give him a chance because we aren’t making the playoffs anyway.

I get to watch the Eagles a few times a year since this is Falcons/Saints country down here in Alabama and this kind of craptacular game does not sit well with me.



  1. I wanna know why Ely manning still has a job.

  2. Did he do worse than A.J. Feeley? Two and a half games — 8 INTs. I liked him when he was winning games but he is making stupid decisions. Three picks by the same linebacker? You’d think he might be watching were where the guy was dropping into coverage and avoid that area.


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