Posted by: cranky | December 1, 2007

Sean Taylor’s Murderers — Send Them Down the River

Sean Taylor’s former lawyer opines that the murderers should be sent down the river

“I know they are just saddened and appalled. The fact that they arrested his killer is no comfort to them,” he said. “It probably inflames them more, because it tells them people were trying to steal from him. They are murderers. They should be treated like murderers and put in the Miami River and floated away.”

I like how he thinks.



  1. With a paddle up their ass.

  2. I say dump ’em in the Everglades and let the gators have ’em.

  3. […] Gibbons wrote an interesting post today on Comment on Sean Taylorâs Murderers â Send Them Down the River by …Here’s a quick […]

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