Posted by: cranky | November 30, 2007

The ’60s

I was there, it wasn’t that great and was greatly overrated, but this brings back some good memories.



  1. Thanks Cranky, that was really cool!
    We had a party line when I was a kid, I can’t even imagine that today. Transistor radios, the one thing I remember about them….the smell…maybe that’s weird.
    My dad had a Corvair, cool car. Didn’t Nader stop those?
    Stuff I remember:
    No seatbelts, cars with metal dashboards, McDonald’s was like a special treat, rock fights with other kids in my neighborhood (throwing rocks at each other). Parents weren’t worried about it. That would be a lawsuit today.

  2. Oh God! Rock fights. We had those when I was a kid too. And I remember metal dashboards and stuff about the Corvair being on Nader’s hit list. And I had a transitor radio and listened to baseball games at night when I was supposed to be sleeping.

    Hell, we mowed lawns without protection for our feet or eyes. I don’t even know how any of us are still alive.

  3. That was kick ass!! Nice job cranky. Whoever put that together did an outstanding job.

  4. They forgot to mention corduroy slacks as being a 1960s phenomenon. What a horrible sound they made.

    American Bandstand was broadcast from Philadelphia, just down the road from Levittown, when I was a kid. Nostalgia is a killer.

  5. That was well done.

    And I agree with it’s sad conclusion.

  6. I don’t even remember having a key to the house when I was a kid. Where we lived at the time was pretty rural (mailing address was RFD # 2, Box # Something) lots of farms around (don’t drink from a stream that runs through a dairy farm — just sayin’) and there just wasn’t that much crime. It was the age of innocence until my selfish boomer generation came along and decided to fuck things up. Now my generation runs schools and the MSM and the Democrat Party and we can see how well that’s worked out for everyone.

  7. Wait. Are you talking about the 1960’s or the 1860’s?

  8. I’m so old I was there for the birth of dirt. Plus I can’t remember. We talking about stream water or something else?

  9. I was only kidding you Grandpa.

    When I was a little punk I had a brown corduroy suit with the vest and everything.


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