Posted by: cranky | November 30, 2007

Should Islam be Illegal?

Making Islam illegal makes as much sense as those idiots wanting to kill a teacher because her Muslim students voted to name a teddy-bear Mohammed.  If they want to kill her in the name of their religion, then their religion should be declared illegal and its adherents wiped from the face of the planet Earth.



  1. I’d say maybe not illegalized, but at least well fought against and punished for crimes against humanity. Who are we to take someone’s freedom of choice away even if they make stupid choices. Consequences should be enforced and preventative measures taken. Perhaps we shouldn’t give them governmental support or tax exempt status (Likewise with Satanism and other religions that promote garbage and/or doing whatever the hell you fell like to others) You’d think a “religion of peace” would learn something after centuries of murdering people. You don’t see Buddhists crashing planes into buildings, murdering family members who convert to another religion, or holding hospitals hostage in India do you? Hmmm, then there is also Islam’s longlasting practice of decieving your enemy long enough to rebuild your resources so you can resume jihad.

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