Posted by: cranky | November 24, 2007

Red Dirt Road

Drove this beautiful little red dirt road in Macon County, Alabama today.  Saw an old house that, through neglect, had deteoriated and become a barn.  A small country church was a bit further down the road and then of course come the idiots who think any place they throw it is a fine place for their trash and someone else’s problem.

county-road-2-copyright-jje3.jpg This little stretch was just a pretty scene.  Pine Hill is at the top of the photograph on the right side.  Naturally, when I took a picture of the gate into the pine plantation I managed to cut off the ‘P’ in Pine.  Ine Hill doesn’t make a lot of sense.

 This is the kind of crap that makes me mad.


 And this is my idea of peace and the kind of road I’d like to drive to get to my home.




  1. What pretty scenery.

    Litterbugs piss me off, too. They always have, ever since I was a kid, and now especially that I live on a lake.

    Thoughtless, rude, nincompoops.

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