Posted by: cranky | November 19, 2007

Shepard Smith Says Suck It Fox News fans

H/T to NiceDeb, I guess.  This isn’t news I wanted to hear.  If anyone is wondering, I can’t stand the smary, condescending, liberal pussy Shepard Smith.  Anyone unclear on that point?  Fine.

 So PornDeb knows I can’t stand this tool but drops the bomb on me in a comment.  Blood pressure through the roof.  Ringing in both ears now.  Tingling in the extremities.  Are these signs of my imminent demise?

And Allahpundit is sucking up to the NYT for a plug and he doesn’t think Shepard Smith is that bad. 

Oh, now. Stop with the Shep hate.

Allahpundit on November 19, 2007 at 1:30 PM

One HotAir commenter noted that Smith is not as smart as Olberman.  Olberman is smart?  Bullshit, he’s fucking insane and the number one reason I won’t watch NBC’s football telecasts.  God, I hate the media. 

And Fox and Friends was particularly stupid this morning.  That means that Gretchen Carlson had a blonde moment and shared this gem: 

that no one should receive academic honors because those that do are just trying to get good grades

What a fucking horrible concept!  What a particularly stupid woman.  If she was a slut her name would be Kelly Bundy.  I bet Gretchen has a valve stem on the back of her head.

So thanks NiceDeb, I’ll go have my heart attack now.



  1. Oh man- you have dissed Gretchen Carlson!

    Pistols at dawn.

    Just kidding- I have my hands full with the Sara Evans thing.

    Yeah I agree- Shep’s a douchenozzle. Kinda girly.

  2. He’s got an elf-face.

    And your welcome, Cranky.

  3. My favorite Shep moment.


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