Posted by: cranky | November 15, 2007

Nuke the Gay Whales for Christ Meeting

The Olympia Peace group (they blocked the military convoy leaving the port and poured concrete on train tracks — treason?) has a calendar of events.  It is filled with moronic humor.

Blame, nay, thank LauraW for first posting about this.  Follow the links, look for the screen caps in the comments because it seems the calendar is down.  Here’s December and here’s January.

Here’s another screen capture and here’s a different calendar — maybe you’ll want to add an upcoming event like NiceDeb-by Does Olympia with special appearance by Niblets.



  1. *tee pees cranky’s blog*

    *gives cranky’s blog lawn job*

  2. Damn whippersnappers.

  3. That was so much fun.

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