Posted by: cranky | November 13, 2007

Arrogant Elliot Spitzer Drops License Plan for Illegals

Elliot Spitzer, the arrogant and condescending governor of New York, who is just a plain better human being than any of the rest of us, has apparently abandoned his plan to make illegal immigrants legal.

Mr. Spitzer’s plan touched off a national debate over whether issuing licenses to illegal immigrants would make the state more secure or improperly extend a privilege to them that should be reserved for those here legally.

Opposition to the proposal sent his poll numbers plunging and completely stalled his broader agenda.

The decision is likely to be a relief to many of his fellow Democrats in Albany and in Washington, who feared the issue could haunt them into next year’s election season.

Spitzer changed his mind because he would have lost at the state level due to the Legislature and the refusal of county clerks to comply with his diktat, it was a wildly unpopular plan and he was on the wrong side of the popularity line on this issue, and it would hurt the state and national Democrat party — because illegal immigration and kowtowing to the illegal immigration activists and rights mongers is wildly unpopular with Americans.

Changing his mind three times is so very John Kerry-esque of Spitzer. 

Democrats are the political party that has become as useful and pleasant as used toilet paper.  Complaints about my point of view?  Suck it.  I voted for McGovern in 1972.  WTF did I know at 18 19 years old about how base, immoral, and power hungry the Democrat Party could be.  Add traitorous to the list of things embraced by Democrats — party and power first, with America somewhere down the line of Democrat priorities below that of their fellow travelers.



  1. Dude- yer on fire!

    Rush was talking today about how Spitzer may have gotten a call from the Clintonistas telling him something along the lines of, “Nice family you have there. Shame if something were to happen to them…”

    Democrats suck.

  2. “I voted for McGovern in 1972.”

    So you were the one!

  3. *shudders in shame*

    That was me. Seven months later I enlisted in the service. Go figure.

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