Posted by: cranky | November 11, 2007

Cyber Warfare

The November 2007 issue of AIR FORCE Magazine had a couple of items that caught my eye. 

Barksdale AFB, La., is the official interim home of Air Force Cyber Command, [editor:  scroll way down] Air Force Secretary Michael W. Wynne confirmed to civic leaders in Shreveport, La., in September.

The announcement was a pleasant surprise to the 700 guests assembled for an Air Force 60th anniversary celebration. Regional leaders had been campaigning to make the base the permanent home of the new command, which has been developed at Barksdale under the auspices of Headquarters, 8th Air Force, also located there.

Although I don’t know, I would imagine we have had some cyber warfare offensive and counter-measures in place for some time.  An ability to take out the enemy’s information infrastructure and defend your own is critical in the world of the 21st century.

Scrolling to the next blurb at the link you find this Hack Suey gem:

Somebody hacked into a Pentagon computer network in June, and while China denies it was behind the attack, it remains the leading suspect.

The Verbatim section of the magazine has this on cyber warfare:

Springboards for Cyber-war
“Most Americans would be surprised to learn that many Islamist hacker sites are hosted in the United States. Consider it an unmistakable and intended irony that these cyber jihadists are using our own domestic Internet resources against us.”—Jim Melnick, senior threat analyst at VeriSign Inc., Boston Globe, Aug. 19.

You have to wonder about the survivability of a country who allows its enemy to use its resources against itself.  Remember that the Constitution is not a suicide pact.

For any leftists that wander by, ask yourself why you should die to protect the non-existent rights of those whose sworn aim and religious duty is to kill you and others in the society in which you enjoy the freedom to be so stupid to believe your enemy’s “rights” trump your own right to life.  Understand that I don’t care all that much that you might die because of your stupidity because, well, you’re fucking stupid. But I care a whole fucking lot that I, or my family and friends, might die because of your asshattery.



  1. I thought the Nazi-like Patriot Act, and the loss of all of our sacred freedoms made it impossible for this kind of thing to happen.
    Are you saying Robert Redford lied to me?

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