Posted by: cranky | October 31, 2007

Public Housing Rant

I had the delightful experience of going into a particularly nasty public housing area in Montgomery today to help out some folks who were doing some work there.  Normally I do not carry a round in the chamber of the pistol I carry (concealed carry permit).  Today I jacked a round in that sucker before I got to this War on Poverty utopia.  If there had been some bomb damage and fewer bullet holes you might think it was Fallujah rather than Montgomery, Alabama.

The guys that were working on this housing unit confirmed what their boss said when he told me that residents of the public housing ask them when they’ll be finished working there.  The residents want to know so they can go back in and steal the materials (copper wire) these workers have installed and sell them.

Your tax dollars and mine at work supporting thugs who will not work courtesy of decades of Democrat policies designed to keep the poor poor and indebted for this privilege to the Democrat party.  The leadership of the Democrat Party — the party of slavery — are a bunch of cynical racists.



  1. In Detroit, the residents complain that none of the street lights work. They don’t work, of course, because the wires have been stolen from them. They steal doors, aluminum siding … toilets. Anything they can. Once, a lady called because her siding was being stolen at that very moment. The police refused to come.

  2. How many cities have to be turned into war zones for people to figure this stuff out?
    Detroit, New Orleans, Montgomery, all the result of Democrat “leadership.”
    Seriously, I am just dumbfounded that anyone votes for a party that has wreaked such destruction.

  3. But bmac, Democrats care about the people.


  4. And what is sad is that come every election day, buses will roll out of these projects, packed to capacity, with voters who will vote over and over for the same people who have kept them in poverty for generations.

  5. Last election cycle, the word w/in the uninformed Democratic voting masses in Detroit was that Bush was going to take away their right to vote. SWEAR TO GOD, my husband heard this said. Plus, the NAACP sent out some nice race-baiting, anti-Bush literature.

  6. Yeah, old George W. Bush sure has taken away all of our rights. I live in fear of the knock on the door.

    What? None of my rights have been taken away? Would a Democrat lie to me?

    [Editor: Democrats lie to you all of the time]


  7. Selling their soul and the souls of their children for a welfare check.

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