Posted by: cranky | October 28, 2007

NiceDeb Melted the Servers

Sadly no, she didn’t post another hot hippie chick picture of herself.

But she did link to my Anti-Catholic Anti-Christian Nicole Kidman movie post and then warned me about the Deb-lanche to come.

OMG!  You can see the smoke coming off the servers from here.

See if you can figure out which commenter is a crazy left-wing artist type who provides sex advice to women on how to strap-on and have anal sex with their man.  I suppose she thinks it is empowering.  I think it is kind of ghey and would hurt.  Rosetta might like it, me not so much.

UPDATE:  The title of this post made this about the second most popular post on this pathetic blog evah!  Please note that the “crazy left-wing artist type” commenter is a nice and thoughtful woman.



  1. Thanks for the mention! maybe I’ll help some closeted Christians get the magic back in their sex lives.

  2. Oh, now you’re tempting me with your words as much as with your avatar! (and your avatar is certainly tempting) 😛

  3. Cranky, you perv.

  4. I mean just look. I can look right down her top. And I like it. Imagine what Wickedpinto would be saying.

    Plus, she likes the linky love even if she called me a fundie and a twit on her live journal site. I’d argue with her but I think she would punish me and I’d be afraid that I might like that.

    You mean perv like that^?

  5. Yep.

  6. Then perv it is. Won’t that be cutting into Rosetta’s market share though?

  7. Now twits was plural, doll, which implies more than one…

  8. ^ 😛 I hate being alone.

  9. ive been checking out religous blogs. try other blogs too. uriah ministries. also check out the one many visit.

  10. “Closeted Christians!” I love it! Only Christians are uptight sexually. Muslems? Oh man, orgy every night! Catholics? Bring the astro-glide! Jews? Strap-on anyone?

  11. bmac, that is such a good analysis and funny too. PattyAnn and NiceDeb are going to think you’re a perv too.

    I sent a picture of Jessie’s destructo puppy act today to Gia a little while ago. This puppy looks proud of herself. 😛

  12. You are a PERV

  13. Ms.Versatility, I’m not feeling the love.

  14. The reason it took so long to reply is because I was throwing up!!!

  15. Try ginger ale and maybe Pepto Bismol. Hope you feel better and I hope you realize that many of the comments to this post were tongue in cheek with the exception of batling’s. 😛

  16. MOM!!!

  17. NiceDeb’s got my back! Thanks. NiceDeb Melted The Servers is getting the most hits today.

  18. You’re forgiven – it does give me a good laugh however!

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