Posted by: cranky | October 24, 2007

Michael Murphy — Hero

U.S. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael Murphy was  recognized with the Medal of Honor today for his actions in Afghanistan in June 2005.  The medal was presented to his parents and brother by the President on behalf of a grateful nation.

Rest in peace Lieutenant Murphy, your memory is treasured.  Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Lt Murphy was a Nittany Lion, a 1998 graduate of Penn State.



  1. Too bad the MSM has more to say about Britney Spears than about LT Murphy…

    Penn St v Ohio St this weekend- good game to watch

  2. It will probably be a real good game for Ohio State. Penn State not so much, sadly.

    I haven’t heard a lot about Lt Murphy on other than Fox News. Apparently, the New York Times did not believe his heroism being recognized was anything other than a local story for Long Islanders since that is where he grew up so they put it in their Metropolitan section of the paper. The NYT is a collection of asshats.

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