Posted by: cranky | October 18, 2007

My Little Angel

My Little Angel

My ears and my protector.  I wish I was as good a person as she was a dog.  I will love you and your sister forever and a day.


  1. Awwww, so sorry to hear that, Cranky.


  2. Thank you. She loved it when I laughed, she’d get all excited and jump around so I’m going to try to start laughing soon because she’d like it. I’ve known some great dogs and I’m prejudiced so I’m going to place her at the top of my personal list of great dogs.

  3. Oh I’m so sorry! That breaks my heart for you. I know what great companions pets are especially dogs. Wah! I’m sad for you.

  4. That is my favorite picture of her. She was so kind and protective towards me. They are never with us as long as we believe they should be. She fought a really good fight and she’s watching out for bmac and gia’s Kramer now and urging him to fight the good fight.

    Thank you, it means the world to me to hear such kind words.

  5. What a beautiful dog, beautiful spirit. Hang in there Cranky, we’re thinking about you.

  6. Thanks bmac. How did Kramer’s chemo go today? Give him a scratch behind the ears for us, okay?

  7. Very sorry.

  8. Thanks mesa. I think this news will actually hurt WP more than it did me and it hurts a bunch. Wicked is a good guy who loves dogs. I wish he’d get a dog because he seems to have a lot of love to give to a dog and he’ll get more in return than he gives. Poochies, as he’d say, are the best.

  9. I am sure she is in heaven. It won’t be heaven otherwise.

  10. Thank you Tushar. I know you’re right.

  11. Take care. I wish I could add something. But I can’t. So I won’t.

  12. Thank you eddie. The emotional investment we make in our pets is huge. I thought I was prepared for this, I wasn’t. But, I keep remembering the funny things she would do and how she would always reach out to me and put her paw on top of my hand and that eases the pain.

  13. Damn—so sorry to hear this, Cranky. I dread the day my two pals move on.

  14. Cuffy — thank you. I know exactly what you mean. Nala’s ‘sister’ Samantha (9 days younger) is the picture of health now. Considering that Samantha has swallowed birds whole rather than let me have them, been run over by her previous owner’s car twice, and the passage of time I am constantly surprised by her good health and toughness.

    Think I’ll get her in the truck and go for a ride. Dogs love pickup trucks. No more fights over who gets to ride in the front seat but that is okay. I’ve got lots of good memories.

  15. Little Nala. Such a good girl. I am so sorry Cranky and you already know how I feel. Glad we can be of support for each other every day. I hated that she went on the day that Kramer had chemo but we both feel she was with Kramer that day during his chemo. He did amazing and soon I am going to get his blog updated. The vets were nice enough to take pictures of him getting chemo that I will post up on the blog. Nala will always be remembered. She was such an amazing girl and such a hard fighter! She is at Rainbow Bridge patiently and happily waiting for you and feeling fantastic now. She is still watching over you and Sam. BTW, I love that picture of her! Such a beautiful mug!

  16. ^Gia, I need to remember that you wrote this: She is at Rainbow Bridge patiently and happily waiting for you and feeling fantastic now. She is still watching over you and Sam.

    I believe that with all my heart. Thank you and Bill for everything, Kramer and Maxine too.

  17. I can only echo the condolences of those above. She was indeed a cutie and that’s a great photo of her.

  18. Thank you Dave. Nala was kind of a rescue who I got about four months after I retired from the Air Force. One of my dreams for retirement was to get a dog. I ended up with two wonderful Golden Retrievers. Her ‘sister’ knows something is different but isn’t really sure what has changed. I had just shy of 10 wonderful years with her and that is probably my favorite picture of her.

    She loved to lay under the kitchen table. I have a few pictures of her like that I will have to scan.

    Thanks again. I very much appreciate all the kind words, they help tremendously.

  19. We had a dog when I was in high school that loved being under the kitchen table too. She was…run over by a car. This is 20+ years ago.

    One of my brothers also had a dog – Babe, a border collier mix- and he loved it under the kitchen table too. I think they like it because its cool, or they know they’re going to get treats or stuff that falls off the table. Babe died in 1999, about a year after my dad passed away. I miss all of them so much.

    A previous commenter mentioned the Rainbow Bridge poem which is fantastic. I can only manage to make myself read it once a year. Too emotional for me, tough to get through, but it is an excellent thing to lean on in times like you are going through.

    Stay in touch and make sure your taking care of yourself.

  20. I’m sorry to read about your loss, Cranky.

  21. Thanks, Pupster. One of those things but the crematorium made a plaque and misspelled her name. They are doing a new plaque and I’ll ge that tomorrow. If dogs were capable of laughter I think Nala would laugh because they spelled her name Nola and that was the name of one of the puppies I found lost in our neighborhood a few weeks ago. Nala decided to let Nola know who was boss while Nola and her sister spent a night with us.

    Nala is back home now and at Rainbow Bridge probably chasing (but not catching) someone’s cat. I was kind of beating myself up because I forgot to get a lock of Nala’s hair. The folks at the crematorium made sure I got a lock of her hair without me even asking.

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