Posted by: cranky | October 7, 2007

Help a Puppy Out!

Kramer, bmac‘s short-haired German pointer, needs chemotherapy for his lymphoma.  One of my dogs has just completed her chemotherapy a few weeks ago so I do understand what Kramer and bmac and his family are going through.  The treatment is expensive but my Golden girl is worth it and the change between where she was in March, with the doctors not having much hope for her, and today with her continual begging for Milk Bones is a miracle.  So let’s work on another miracle for Kramer!

Kramer needs some help so we’re asking good people everywhere to pledge some dollars to help Kramer, who is obviously a great puppy, pay for the chemotherapy.  NiceDeb has blegged for Kramer here and WickedPinto bleggs here.  How about being a good person and throwing Kramer some Milk Bones in the form of U.S. currency so he can get better and remain with his loving family.


UPDATE:  More than half way to the goal.  Thanks everyone!

UPDATE:  Keeping this up top.  Eighty (80) percent of the fund raising goal has been reached.  Let’s keep working on Kramer’s behalf.

 UPDATE:  Kramer has reached his donation goal.  Thank you to all the wonderful people and pet lovers who helped!  Please keep Kramer, his sister Maxine, and his humans in your thoughts and prayers.



  1. Cranky, you’re the best.

  2. NiceDeb, you’re far too kind. I love dogs and people who love dogs. We’re one big pack and we’ve got to help each other out when we can.

  3. Hi Cranky, so it was you!Thank you so much for your contribution, your story, and the link! It’s amazing how hard these doggies will fight if you give them the chance! I hope Nala is doing great!

  4. Ooops, I hope I didn’t reveal more than you would like in that comment, feel free to delete it if I did.

  5. That’s cool. I wish I could do more but I’m kind of in the same boat you are. I’m trying to start a small at-home business while continuing to work so I can pay the bills. But, like you, I would do anything for Nala or Samantha.

    Nala plays me like a fool. She did not use to really care about eating in the morning. Dinner at night was great for her. But one morning I gave her a Milk Bone after she had been outside for awhile and now every morning when she comes back inside she’s looking for that Milk Bone.

    She has a CBC blood test with differential scheduled for Saturday and they have her on Clavamox anti-biotics this week because she had Doxarubicin for her chemo on September 7th. She is just as loving and interested in things as she ever was and she is now 11 1/2 years old. My vet and the folks at Auburns Veterinary College have been great, angels really.

    My best to Kramer and Maxine and to you and your wife. Our prayers and best wishes to all of you.

  6. Is Clavamox the stuff you can’t touch with your bare hands? I believe that’s what we’re starting him on next week, Mrs. bmac knows the meds better then me, but you have to wear rubber gloves to touch the stuff. Last time we did chemo, kramer was on a steroid, prednazone? that made him super hyper. Keep me posted on how Nala is doing, and I’ll do the same.

  7. Chlorambucil is the stuff you have to wear gloves with. Clavamox is an anti-biotic that I cover with peanut butter and Nala thinks it is a great treat. Vincristine is administered with an IV — my local vet administered that and the Doxarubicin is also intravenous and they did that at Auburn. Nala loves peanut butter so I used it with the Chlorambucil too. She is smart enough to have caught me trying to sneak the medicine into a piece of cheese and for her to remove all the cheese without touching a bit of the medicine. Nala had the prednizone too.

    The chemo made her white cell count too low and increased her risk of infection so that is the reason for the Clavamox right now. It kind of worried me when the called me on Monday and said she needed to start taking this stuff and then I remembered that the same thing had happened following the previous Doxarubicin treatment. She’s a real trooper though — just like Kramer. Let me know how he’s doing and I’ll keep you up to date on Nala too.

  8. […] Help if you can.  We get so attached to these critters, yes we do.  And they get so attached to us. […]

  9. Thank you Dave in Texas!

  10. Hey everyone. It’s Mrs. Bmac here. I just wanted to let you know what med’s they have been stickin’ in “Dude’s” system. According to the Vet’s paperwork that I just received in the mail from his treatment on 9/11 (ironic huh?) he was treated with… It says, “Re-induction of remission will be attempted with vincristine, triamcinolone and cytoxan. The cytoxan is what I have to give him starting this Tuesday the 25th and need to wear gloves while giving to him. I do believe that he may be in remission already because I can no longer feel his lymph nodes! If not (I’m no professional lymph node finder) they think this cytoxan may push him in. The vet is amazed at his progress already and told me that he “takes back” anything he said that day about how long it may take him to get in and how long he will stay in remission. This boy has everyone just amazed at what a fighter he is! Thank you for all your kind words, prayers and support. It means so much to Bmac and me! You guys are so awesome!!!! We can’t wait until we can help you out. Just know, we will always be there for you all and never forget how much love you have shown us.

  11. That’s great news! Hooray Kramer, say Nala and Samantha.

    I know what you mean about being a professional lymph node finder — I can’t find them either. Nala had a quick office visit for a CBC with differential on Saturday and Dr. S. couldn’t find any enlargement of the lymph nodes. He just said it is amazing because she should not still be with us. I’m thankful and thank you for your good wishes.

    Nala and Samantha send a woof Kramer and Maxine’s way.

  12. make a “u” with your hand, and then grab low on the neck, just above the shoulders, you will feel a bunch of stuff sliding around under the skin, the ones that don’t pulse, and are large, are generaly the nodes for the neck, I think that is what I was told.

  13. Oh and cranky, sorry to try to convert you when you had already been converted, I was just moved by the story when I saw it, didn’t mean to be pushy.

    Now I might have to appologize to everyone I harassed with the story in the hopes of creating a bleg storm.

  14. Wicked, you done good, man! We need some noise makers around here sometimes so everyone pays attention to the important stuff. You did a good job — thanks!

    Now, I’m trying to think of an on- or off-topic way to push this into a comment at Ace. Maybe one of lauraw’s cat posts?

  15. You guys are all awesome. I am new at this bloggie thingy and I don’t quite know what I am doing. I hope that everyone see’s our thank you’s. Bmac was still sleeping when I did it and I wasn’t quite sure how I got to this comment page but here I am! I’m a girl so what can I say. Not too savy with the computer but I could tell you all about shoes and make-up! Much more knowledge on that kind of stuff. Poor Bmac got stuck with such a psycho dog mom and such a girlie girl. I’m sure you feel a little sorry for him for that. 🙂 I knew Kramer was out since I felt his lymph nodes and when they go flat, they are supposed to be in remission. The ones under his neck where tonsils are located are not findable. The ones behind his kneecaps were as big as those super balls that bounce really high. Now it is all soft there and no more super ball. I don’t think I am feeling anything but not totally sure about that. Then there are some in his chest. The doctor tried to teach me to feel those but I just can’t find those. Hopefully those are flat but I don’t know what I am looking for and what area those are exactly at. I only know the neck and behind the knee caps.

    Hey, Kramer and Maxine send a woof back to Nala and Samantha. Or is that a treat they are woofing for? I say both!

    Thanks friends!

  16. Please pay no attention to my retarded avatars.
    Goofing around on wordpress, unfamiliar territory.

  17. Mesa, what’s with the avatar. I hate saying it, but that looks like Rosie O’Donutmunchell.

  18. Just giving you an update, we’re up to $1480.00!
    Started meds today, going great!
    And thanks for bumping this post to the top!!
    And I seem to put an exclamation point after everything!
    And I start sentences with “And”
    *I think I’ve had enough coffee*

  19. Thanks for the bump Cranky!
    Kramer just finished the 1st round of meds, and it’s pretty amazing the difference in just a couple weeks of treatment. He’s got a ton of energy, and is just a lot more “bright eyed” if that makes any sense. We’re also giving him glucosemine (probably spelled it wrong), and fish oil.

    How’s Nala doing?

  20. Nala has been sort of lethargic yesterday and today. I’m hoping this is just the after affects of the Doxarubicin which IIRC usually are felt a few weeks following the last administration of the Doxarubicin. She seemed a bit more energetic this morning but didn’t want to go outside at lunch time which is unusual for her. I’m trying not to scare myself.

    I threw a bleg comment into a recent Ace post on Natalie Portman figuring the morons and pervs would come through. Not sure it they did. Today he has a post up about that California high school pole vaulter Allison Stokke. The pervs are out in force.

    Take care. Our best to Kramer.

  21. Thanks for the Ace comment, I just haven’t had the time to go through his stuff lately, he’s posting his ass off.

    Nala’s gonna be fine, I have faith.

  22. Bmac, I would have bumped your post up at Nice Deb, but I couldn’t figger out how to do it.

    I’m just a dumb girl, too, what can I say.

    If one of you can explain to me how you do it, I’ll do it.

  23. Good morning NiceDeb, if you go to Edit the post you can place a checkmark in the box Edit Timestamp and change the date to the most current date and it will bump the post up top.

    Take care and Thanks!

  24. Cranky we made it!
    Please know we are thinking about Nala, and we couldn’t have done this without you!
    Been a tough month for both of us, and we’ll be in touch (probably tomorrow).

  25. Yay, Kramer! Way to go buddy! Get well, be strong. We’re all praying for you. We know you will do it and get better.

    Nala scared me so badly. Today (check with Gia — I wrote to you all this evening, maybe this morning too) she was back to her old self. Friday she couldn’t walk, this morning she ran to the back door.

    I don’t care what anyone says — prayer works. God Bless all of the wonderful people who helped Kramer and who prayed for Nala.

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