Posted by: cranky | September 30, 2007

Scientology Takes Out The Trash

Man accused of stealing Tom Cruise wedding photographs found dead.  He must have displeased Xenu in the same way Vince Foster displeased Hillary!.



  1. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.


  2. 1) The man killed himself. The man *told* people he was gonna kill himself. The police report says he killed himself.

    2) The Church of Scientology does not murder. Scientologists believe murder is unethical and immoral, and never justified.

    3) The man did not in any way offend the Church of Scientology. He offended (and extorted) a movie actor and his wife, also an actress.

    4) The man had a *very* sordid past, including extorting celebrities for a living.

    Nuff said.
    Scientologist and proud of it

  3. You do realize I was joking, don’t you?

    Not that people who contribute to and support Hillary Clinton would not commit murder on her behalf. It isn’t like she isn’t perhaps the most unethical and immoral presidential candidate ever to run. Well, Ted Kennedy could give her a pretty good race on those characteritics but as far as we know Teddy is heterosexual so he’s got that going against him when it comes to Hillary!’s GLBT supporters.

    So, does/did Tom Cruise make any politcal contributions, monetary or in-kind, to Hillary!? Was the death of this man perhaps a quid-pro-quo? Hillary gets Cruise’s endorsement and Hillary gets rid of Cruise’s problem. She and Bill are pretty good at making problems disappear or just go away. Hell, the whole Democratic party is very good at doing that.

  4. Shit! This guy has no sense of irony. Or humor.

  5. Eddie, maybe it is something missing from his diet that causes the problem.

  6. Yeah. Dieting pisses me off too. And not drinking.

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