Posted by: cranky | September 30, 2007

Illegal Immigrants Apologists — Fox News’ Shepard Smith

Okay, I admit an intense dislike for the smarmy (spell check, dammit!), condescending, arrogant Shepard Smith of Fox News.  On his program this evening, they did a story about Irving, Texas and that city’s deportation of illegal immigrants.  The local correspondent, a Hispanic, agreed with Smith that these folks were being targeted because of the color of their skin.  The NAACP representative was there to play the race card.  Based on the initial reporting by Smith and his crew, anyone who opposed illegal immigration is a racist.

The local correspondent said the people deported who were held in the Irving, Texas jail were “not criminals” but were primarily in jail for minor traffic offenses.

Wrong, Mr. Guiterez.  The first step an illegal immigrant makes onto United States soil is a criminal act.

The mayor of Irving pointed out that those deported were from 36 countries.  An illegal immigrant, is by definition, in the United States illegaly.  Their race is irrelevant.  Their status as being in this country illegally is relevant.

Off on a Tangent moment:  can Fox hurry up and send Shepard Smith on his way to his natural habitat with the biased and lying main stream media?  Please.  He’s a real shit weasel.



  1. Cranky, some bloggers are trying to get truth about The Crescent of Betrayal out there. If you want to be part of the “blogburst”, here’s where you go for information on what to do:

  2. Got to sleep. I’ll check the link tomorrow. I think someone did something about this before that I linked at my previous pathetic blog.

    I read your post on this and it just makes me so mad that the people in charge of this memorial refuse to make a moral judgment and condemn evil. Their gutlessness is pathetic.

  3. Shep is also very impressed with… himself.

  4. I’m doing the blogburst too, as soon as I find out what a blogburst is.
    Here in Vegas, activists are trying to stage a “call in sick to work” day in protest of what happened in Irving.

  5. Employers can then designate the following day as “TERMINATED: Get a New Job Day.”

    Has anyone done a thorough background investigation of these activists? ‘Cause if you’re here in this country illegally and then mouthing off about it, you should be shooting off your mouth from a soapbox in some other democracy.

  6. My Gosh, what’s wrong with just asking that people come here, legally? Why does that make me racist? Because they have to wait longer to get here? Because maybe fewer would be able to come in?

    That’s called a sane immigration policy.

    Why aren’t liberals flooding across the border to live in Mexico? Are they racists or something?

  7. Tushar comes here legally. Is he a racist for thinking others should do the same?

    Mexico won’t accept illegal aliens. And they insist people speak Spanish. Can’t criticize the host nation government as an alien either — no demonstrations or making demands for rights an alien is not entitled to, doing so is grounds for deportation. I think Mexico also guards its southern border. Racist bastards.

  8. […] host Bill Manders was targeted for his supposedly “racist” viewpoints. We all know that “racist” viewpoints in the immigration debate means that you are against illegal […]

  9. I watched last night when O’Reilly interviewed Vicente Fox. The guy refused to admit his nation hasn’t done shit to help their own people and instead tried to blame the US for all of this immigration stuff.

  10. I saw some of that too. The tone of the response seemed to be “You’re a free, attactive and generally uncorrupt country so of course they want to leave this shithole and go to your country and that’s your fault.”

    It is almost as if the Mexican government is begging us to invade and change the regime.

  11. Well, I also recall that behind the revenues of PEMEX (the state run oil monopoly), money from illegals sent back home is the prime source of cash for Mexico. And besides, Mexico will be able to get rid of their really low class people by urging them to dross the border.

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