Posted by: cranky | September 23, 2007

The War

PBS is airing Ken Burns’ documentary The War.  From the very first the tone seemed to be that America didn’t sacrifice enough throughout the entire war, but it couldn’t have been won without America.  So it is off putting from the beginning.

Second complaint.  Is it a fucking musical or a documentary?  The music frequently overrides the words of those who lived through the war.  Suggestion for Mr. Burns, let the words tell the story not the music from the period.  Because there are plenty of us interested in the story you are presenting who cannot make out the words when the words have to compete against the music.  Stick to the words or really make the music fade into the background so it isn’t so intrusive.

 Based on what I’ve seen so far, my first exposure to your work, your reputation is unwarranted and suspect.



  1. You may be interested in a post at S.Weasel, photographs of the staff at Auschwitz at play. Fascinating stuff at the link to the holocaust museum.

  2. I checked it out — creepy that they can be seen in photographs and appear normal despite the massive campaign of murder they conducted.

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