Posted by: cranky | September 16, 2007

Syrian Nuke Site Taken Out?

The Dentist needs a root canal without any novacaine Opthamologist didn’t see it coming.  Ha ha ha.  Credit to a commenter at Ace’s, where some comment Nazi pointed out the chinless one is not a dentist.

This story has been circulating for a few days.  I hope it is true and the silence on the part of the Syrian’s increases the likelihood that it is true.

Israeli Defense Forces destroy Syrian nuke cache.



  1. Would that the US would follow Israel’s lead, and light up Ahmakinadinnerjacket’s nuke plants with some HE ordnance.

    Let’s get this over with.
    and that Bashar IS one chinless fuck, eh? what a wank.

  2. Now the Russians want to be ‘friends’ with the Iranians. The only thing the Russians really want is a warm water port and they’ll get that when the take over Iran.

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